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    /Engels, 2000/ Object-Oriented Modeling: A Roadmap
    /Subramaniam, 2000/ Object Model Resurrection - An Object-Oriented Software Maintenance Activity
    /Dunsmore, 2000/ Object-Oriented Inspection in the Face of Delocalization

    /Fischer_C, 1999/ Introduction of a Process Model for Object-Oriented, Component-Oriented Software Development at AXIOMA Information Systems
    /Müller-Ettrich, 1999/ Objektorientierte Prozeßmodelle
    /Schleicher, 1999b/ Objektorientierte Modellierung von Entwicklungsprozessen mit der UML (Object-oriented Modeling of Development Processes with UML)

    /George, 1998/ Die Methode "The SELECT" Perspective für OO-Anwendungsentwicklung
    /Gruenbacher, 1998/ Prozeß- und Projektmanagement in objektorientierten Projekten mit PLATINUM Process Continuum&
    /Hesse, 1998b/ Vorgehensmodelle für objektorientierte Software Entwicklung
    /Joeris, 1998b/ Towards Object-Oriented Modeling and Enacting of Processes
    /Müller-Ettrich, 1998/ Unterschiedliche Implementierung der OO-Paradigmen in Vorgehensmodellen (Rational/Objectory, V-Modell, Select Perspective, IBM OOTC)
    /Wang E., 1998/ A Rigorous Object-Oriented Design Process
    /Zimmermann, 1998/ Wie beeinflußt eine OO-Datenbank den Lifecycle eines OO-Projektes?

    /Hesse, 1997b/ Life cycle models of object-oriented software development methodologies

    /Neumann, 1996/ A High-Level Object-Oriented Specification Language for Configuration Management and Tool Integration

    /Ambriola, 1994/ The Oikos Services for Object Management in Software Development
    /Baldi, 1994a/ E3: Object Oriented Software Process Model Design
    /Coleman, 1994/ Object-Oriented Development - The Fusion Method
    /Conradi, 1994c/ EPOS: Object-Oriented and Cooperative Process Modelling
    /Hesse, 1994a/ Ein Modell für evolutionäre, objektorientierte Software-Entwicklung
    /Tankoano, 1994/ Software Process Design Based on Products and the Object Oriented Paradigm

    /Hesse, 92b/ Objekt-orientierte Anwendungsmodellierung - ein Weg zu einem durchgängigen Software-Entwicklungsprozeß

    /Kaiser, 1990/ Preliminary design of an object management system for multi-user MARVEL
    /Oquendo, 1990/ Building object and process-centered software environments on the PCTE public tool interface
    /Shinoda, 1990/ Object-oriented software processes and their environment
    /Sugiyama, 1990/ Language support for object process modeling

    /Sugiyama, 1989/ OPM: an object process modelling environment

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