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Process Architecture

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    Process Architecture


    /Anderson, G.E., 2000/ Dragonfly: Linking Conceptual and Implementation Architectures of Multiuser Interactive Systems
    /Bertolino, 2000/ Deriving Test Plans from Architectural Descriptions
    /Birbilis, 2000/ E-Slate: A software architectural style for end-user
    /Fielding, 2000/ Principled Design of the Modern Web Architecture
    /Gannod, 2000/ An Approach to Architectural Analysis of Product Lines
    /Garlan, 2000/ Software Architecture: A Roadmap
    /Vieira, 2000/ Analyzing Software Architectures with Argus-I
    /Wijnstra, 2000/ Supporting Diversity with Component Frameworks as Architectural Entities

    /Abbas, 1999/ On the importance of Architecture in Collaborative Projects
    /Bayer, 1999/ Transitioning Legacy Assets to a Product Line Architecture
    /Bolusset, 1999/ Software Component-based federations architectures are software architectures too
    /Bussler, 1999/ Extension Architecture for Workflow Management
    /Fradet, 1999/ Consistency Checking for Multiple View Software Architectures
    /Gafni, 1999/ Robots: A Real-Time Systems Architectural Style
    /Gordijn, 1999/ On the Interaction between Business Models and Software Architecture in Electronic Commerce
    /Grefen, 1999/ Advanced Architectures for Transactional Workflows or Advanced Transactions in Workflow
    /Grinter, 1999/ Systems Architecture: Product Designing and Social Engineering
    /Rout, 1999/ An architecture for defining processes of the software and system life cycles
    /Seffah, 1999/ An Architecture Framework for Process Support and Distribution over the Internet
    /Wang A., 1999/ A Multi-Agent Architecture for Cooperative Software Engineering /Wermellinger, 1999/ Algebraic Software Architecture Reconfiguration

    /Debenham, 1998/ Experiments with Two Workflow Architectures
    /Estublier, 1998a/ Architectures for Process Support System Interoperability
    /Estublier, 1998b/ The Architecture of Federations From Process to Software
    /Fong, 1998/ Proof Linking: An Architecture for Modular Verification of Dynamically-Linked Mobile Code
    /Karasick, 1998/ The Architecture of Montana: An Open and Extensible Programming Environment with an Incremental C++ Compiler
    /Stuurman, 1998/ On-Line Change Mechanisms the Software Architecture Level
    /Tiako, 1998/ Process Modeling to Federate PCEs: Basic Concepts and Perspectives

    /Conradi, 1995a/ PSEE Architecture: EPOS process models and tools

    /Bandinelli, 1994c/ The Architecture of the SPADE-1 Process-Centered SEE
    /Perry, 1994a/ Issues in process architecture

    /Peuschel, 1993/ Architectural Support for distributed process centered software development environments

    /Ben-Shaul, 1992/ An Architecture for Multi-User Software Development Environments

    /Redwine, 1991/ Software Process Architecture Issues

    /Cagan, 1990/ The HP Softbench Environment: An Architecture for a New Generation of Software Tools
    /Ochimizu, 1990/ A process-oriented architecture with knowledge acquisition and refinement mechanisms on software processes
    /Osterweil, 1990/ The architecture of the Arcadia-1 process centered software environment
    /Peuschel, 1990/ A flexible environment architecture as a basis for distributed software development
    /Tully, 1990/The implications of process support software for environment architectures

    /Phillips, 1988/ State change architecture: a protocol for executable process models
    /Taylor, 1988/ Foundations for the Arcadia Environment Architecture

    /Radice, 1985/ A Programming Process Architecture

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