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Process Iteration

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    Process Iteration


    /Keller, 1998/ Iteratives Prozeß-Prototyping (IPP@) - Modellgetriebene Konfiguration des R/3-Systems

    /Culver-Lozo, 1994/ Rapid Iteration in Software Process Improvement: Experience Report

    /Madhavji, 1991b/ Communications and Iterations in the Process Cycle

    /Dowson, 1987/ Iteration in the Software Process: Review of the 3rd International Software Process Workshop

    /Boehm, 1986/ Reasoning about iteration: a cost-benefit approach
    /Conklin, 1986/ Beyond macro-iteration: an organic model of system design
    /Curtis, 1986/ Models of iteration in software development
    /Farrel-Vinay, 1986/ An approach to axioms of the iteration process
    /Goldberg, 1986/ Iteration in the software process
    /Goldman, 1986/ Software prototyping by progressive annotation
    /Hoffnagle, 1986/ Process iteration modelling and mechanization
    /Humphrey, 1986/ Classes of process iteration
    /Koomen, 1986/ Iterations, learning and the detailing step paradigm
    /Ould, 1986/ Modelling iteration in the software process
    /Perry, 1986/ The iteration mechanism in the inscape environment
    /Tully, 1986/ Software process model and iteration
    /Wileden, 1986/ Incremental development and iteration in the software process

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