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    Process Improvement


    /Blanco, 2001/ SPI Patterns: Learning from Experience
    /Green T.C., 2001/ Configuration Management Culture as the Kernel to Success in Software Process Improvement Efforts
    /Halvorsen, 2001/ A Taxonomy to Compare SPI Frameworks
    /Hunter, 2001/ Software Process Improvement
    /Lebsanft, 2001/ Process Improvement in Turbulent Times: Is CMM Still an Answer?

    /Abrahamsson, 2000/ Is Management Commitment a Necessity After All in Software Process Improvement?
    /Abrahamsson, 2000a/ Measuring the Success of Software Process Improvement : The Dimensions
    /Arent, 2000a/ Criteria and Characteristics of SPI in Different Cultural Contexts
    /Basili F., 2000/ Intranet as a vehicule and a platform for Process Improvement
    /Bucci, 2000/ Rapid Assessment to Solicit Process Improvement in SMEs
    /Calio, 2000/ Software Process Improvement by Object Technology (ESSI PIE 27785 - SPOT)
    /Christiansen, 2000/ Sofware Quality Management and Software Process Improvement in Denmark
    /Demirors O., 2000/ Using Cost of Software Quality for a Process Improvement Initiative
    /Hamann, 2000/ Using ISO/IEC 15504 compliant assessment combined with goal-oriented measurement for process improvement at Dräger Medical Technology
    /Hvannberg, 2000/ A Comparison of Techniques to Support Small companies with Software Process Improvement
    /Kautz, 2000A> Applying and Adjusting a Software Process Improvement Model in Practice: The Use of the IDEAL Model in a Small Software Enterprise
    /King, 2000/ A New Approach to Benchmark Based Process Improvement
    /Kreiner, 2000/ Application of the Environment Simulation System WATIS2 in a Test Process Improvement Experiment
    /La Commare, 2000/ Test Management Automation: Lessons Learned from a Process Improvement Experiment
    /Mathiason, 2000/ Learning SPI in Practice
    /Mauro, 2000/ Process Improvement Through Measurement of Test Activities - ESSI PIE PROMOTE
    /Messnarz, 2000/ The Victory Project - A Virtual Enterprise for SPI
    /O'Brien, 2000/ Using ISO/IEC TR 15504 for software process improvement
    /O'Hara, 2000/ European Experiences with Software Process Improvement
    /Pedersen, 2000/ SPI and Outsourcing
    /Pederson, 2000/ Systematic's experiences on running an ambitious SPI initiative
    /Pourkomeylian, 2000/ Avoiding Failure in SPI Initiation
    /Rodenbach, 2000/ SPI, A Guarantee for Success?
    /Schoitsch, 2000/ A Standardized Process Improvement Approach for the Development of Dependable Software-Intensive Systems
    /Siakas, 2000/ A field-study of Cultural Influences on Software Process Improvement in a global Organisation
    /Tryde, 2000/ An organisational Implementation Approach for SPI in Practice
    /van Latum, 2000/ Product Driven Process Improvement PROFES Experiences at Dräger

    /Abrahamsson, 1999/ Expanding Goal Setting Theory Concepts - Using Goal Commitment Measurements to Improve Chances for Success in SPI
    /Bicego, 1999/ A Product focused Process Improvement: Experiences of Applying the PROFES Improvement Methodology at Dräger
    /Cardino, 1999/ Tailoring Process Improvement to Small Companies using Methodology Focused on the Individuals
    /Chiriatti, 1999/ Improvement of Maintenance Process using Case Tools
    /Donzelli, 1999/ Software Process Simulator for Software Product and Process Improvement
    /Ebert, 1999/ Integrating Process Improvement and Product Engineering
    /El Eman, 1999/ Elements of Software Process Assessment and Improvement
    /Habra, 1999/ Software Process Improvement in Small Organizations Using Gradual Evaluation Schema
    /Iversen, 1999/ Establishing SPI Effect Measurements
    /Jocham, 1999/ A lean Metric Acquisition and Presentation Environment for the Assessment of a Test Process Improvement Experiment
    /Kiiskilä, 1999/ Piloting as a Part of the Process Improvement of Reviews - A Case Study at Nokia Telecommunications Fixed Switching
    /Mancini, 1999/ A Common Schema for Assessment and Description of Process Improvement Experiments
    /Nättinnen, 1999/ Experiences from the Pilot Operation and Commissioning Phase of a SCM Process Improvement Program
    /Valerio, 1999c/ Improving the Software process through domain Analysis: A case study
    /Van Solingen, 1999c/ Tailoring product focused SPI

    /Demirors, 1998/ Software Process Improvement in a Small Organization: Difficulties and Suggestions
    /Emmerich, 1998/ Software Process - Standards, Assessments and Improvements
    /Lehman, 1998a/ Process Improvement - The Way Forward
    /Sharp, 1998/ The role of in successful software process improvement

    /Hesse, 1997a/ Improving the software process guided by the EOS model

    /Jaccheri, 1996b/ Teaching Process Improvement in an industry-oriented course
    /Kautz, 1996/ Improvement approaches in Norway: a survey-based study
    /McFeeley, 1996/ IDEALSM: A User's guide for Software Process Improvement

    /Raffo, 1995/ Using Quantitative Process Modeling to Forecast the Impact of Potential Software Process Improvements

    /Culver-Lozo, 1994/ Rapid Iteration in Software Process Improvement: Experience Report
    /Kuvaja, 1994/ Software Process Assessment and Improvement. The BOOTSTRAP Approach

    /Basili, 1988/ The TAME Project: Towards Improvement-Oriented Software Environments

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