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    /Aberer, 1999/ Workflow Systems Evolution in Response to Changing Organizational Requirements. Blending Coordination with Market-based Cooperation
    /Baresi, 1999/ WIDE Workflow Development Methodology
    /Bolcer, 1999/ SWAP: Leveraging the Web to Manage Workflow
    /Borgida, 1999/ Tolerating Exceptions in Workflows: A Unified Framework for Data and Processes
    /Bussler, 1999/ Extension Architecture for Workflow Management
    /Canos, 1999/ From Software Process to Workflow Process: the Workflow Life Cycle
    /Dadam, 1999/ On the Design, Implementation, and Maintenance of Enterprise-wide Transactional Workflow Applications for Advanced Environments: Challenges and Open Issues
    /Grefen, 1999/ Advanced Architectures for Transactional Workflows or Advanced Transactions in Workflow
    /Heinl, 1999/ A Comprehensive Approach to Flexibility in Workflow Management Systems
    /Herbst, 1999/ Induction: A Solution for the Acquisition and Adaptation of Workflow Models?
    /Hull, 1999/ Declarative Workflows that Support Easy Modification and Dynamic Browsing
    /Kaiser, 1999/ A Mobile Agent Approach to Lightweight Process Workflow
    /Ludwig, 1999 Virtual-Enterprise Co-ordinator - Agreement-Driven Gateways for Cross-Organisational Workflow Management
    /Schuster, 1999/ A Configuration Management Approach for Large Workflow Management Systems
    /Tombros, 1999/ Workflow Management for the Virtual Enterprise
    /Weske, 1999/ A Reference Model for Workflow Application Development Processes
    /Zhao, 1999/ Temporal Workflow Management in a Claim Handling System

    /Alloui, 1998a/ ItascaFlow: An Active Database Framework for Adaptive Workflow Process Modelling, Enactment and Interoperability
    /Andreoli, 1998/ A Coordination System Approach to Software Workflow Process Evolution
    /Bolcer, 1998/ Advanced workflow managment technologies
    /Debenham, 1998/ Experiments with Two Workflow Architectures
    /Jablonski, 1998/ Ein Vorgehensmodelle für Workflow-Management-Anwendungen
    /Joeris, 1998a/ Managing Evolving Workflow Specifications
    /Kammer, 1998/ Supporting Distributed Workflow Using HTTP

    /Striemer, 1997/ Beschreibung und Analyse von Vorgehensmodellen zur Entwicklung von betrieblichen Workflow-Anwendungen

    /Perry, 1996/ Evaluating Workflow and Process Automation in Wide-Area Software Development

    /Chroust, 1995/ Interpretable Process Models for Software Development and Workflow

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