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    /Elliott, 2000/ Achieving Customer Satisfaction through Requirements Understanding
    /Phalp, 2000/ The Application of Metrics to Industrial Prototyping Processes: An Empirical Study
    /Theaker, 2000/ The introduction and evaluation of object orientation in a company developing real-time embedded systems
    /Schmid, 2000/ Customizing the PuLSE Product Line Approach to the Demands of an Organization

    /Andelfinger, 1999/ Prozeßmodellierung in der industriellen Praxis. Vorgehensweise, Ergebnisse und Erfahrungen
    /Bayias, 1999/ The Requirements Engineering Process of OASIS: An Industrial Case Study
    /Benedicenti, 1999/ An Experience Report on Decoding, Monitoring, and Controlling the Software Process
    /Chatters, 1999b/ An Experiment to Improve Cost Estimation and Project Tracking for Software and Systems Integration Projects
    /Fischer_C, 1999/ Introduction of a Process Model for Object-Oriented, Component-Oriented Software Development at AXIOMA Information Systems
    /Frick, 1999/ Entwicklung und Einführung eines "Vorgehensmodells für die Softwareentwicklung" bei der Helmut Mauell GmbH
    /Kiiskilä, 1999/ Piloting as a Part of the Process Improvement of Reviews - A Case Study at Nokia Telecommunications Fixed Switching
    /Nättinnen, 1999/ Experiences from the Pilot Operation and Commissioning Phase of a SCM Process Improvement Program
    /Valerio, 1999a/ An industrial experience in improving the software process through domain analysis
    /Valerio, 1999c/ Improving the Software process through domain Analysis: A case study

    /Kneuper, 1998c/ Research directions in software process technology from the viewpoint of commercial software development
    /Koskinen, 1998/ Developing a Customizable Process Modelling Environment: Lessons Learnt and Future Prospects

    /Christie, 1997/ Software Process Automation: Interviews, Survey and Workshop Results
    /Verlage, 1997a/ Experience with Software Process Modeling

    /Beims, 1996/ Software Process in a Dynamic Business Environment
    /El Eman, 1996/ Implementing Concepts from the Personal Software Process in an Industrial Setting
    /Emmerich, 1996/ Fine Grained Process Modelling: An Experiment at Brittish Airways
    /Hitchings, 1996/ Reuse of Process Elements and the One Company's Experience
    /Jaccheri, 1996b/ Teaching Process Improvement in an industry-oriented course
    /Matsinger, 1996/ Process Modelling and Measurements in an Industrial Environment
    /Panaroni, 1996/ Report on Deploying Process Technology on an Industrial Space Software Project
    /Steinmetz, 1996/ Erfahrungen bei der Arbeit mit dem V-Modell
    /Woletz, 1996/ Erfahrungen mit dem Einsatz des V-Modells

    /Cattaneo, 1995/ An experience in process assessment
    /Obbink, 1995/ Process Differentiation and Integration: the Key to Just-in-Time in Product Development
    /Strader, 1995/ Space Shuttle Onboard Software (OBS) Development and Maintenance Process Automation

    /Ambriola, 1994a/ Applying a Metric Framework to the Software Process: an Experiment
    /Aumaitre, 1994/ Lessons Learned from Formalizing and Implementing a Large Process Model
    /Belkhatir, 1994/ The ADELE/TEMPO: An Environment to Support Process Modelling and Enaction
    /Culver-Lozo, 1994/ Rapid Iteration in Software Process Improvement: Experience Report
    /Culver-Lozo, 1994b/ The software process from the developer's perspective: a case study on improving process usability
    /Krämer, 1995/ Applying Process Technology to Hardware Design

    /Bandinelli, 1993b/ Requirements and Early Experiences in the Implementation of the SPADE Repository
    /Culver-Lozo, 1993a/ Transferring a process model to a software development organization: a case study
    /Deiters, 1993/ Software process technology transfer- a case study based on FUNSOFT nets and MELMAC
    /HP, 1993/ Developing SynerVision Processes

    /Katayama, 1991/ What has been learned from applying a formal process model to a real-process
    /Penedo, 1991/ Making Process-Based Environments Viable

    /Penedo, 1990/ Experiences with SEE architectural support for the automation

    /Boehm, 1989a/ A Experience with the spiral model as a process model generator

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