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    /Georgakopoulos, 1999/ Collaboration of Process Management for Advanced Applications
    /Perry, 1999/ Collaboration Support in Multi-Site Software Development
    /Tiako, 1999/ PSEEs Modelling for Supporting and Improving Collaborative Joint Software Development Process
    /Warboys, 1999a/ Collaboration and Composition: Issues for a Second Generation Process Language

    /Arnold, J., 1994/ Toward collaborative software processes
    /Ben-Shaul, 1994a/ Integrating groupware and process technologies in the Oz environment
    /Boehm, 1994a/ A Collaborative Spiral Software Process Model Based on Theory W
    /Lonchamp, 1994/ A Process-Centered Framework for Asynchronous Collaborative Work
    /Stotts, 1994/ Process models as multi-reader collaborative hyperdocuments

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