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    /Cattaneo, 2000/ Managing Software Artifacts on the Web with Labyrinth
    /Fielding, 2000/ Principled Design of the Modern Web Architecture
    /Purper, 2000b/ GDPA: A Process Web-Centre for the V-Model

    /Bolcer, 1999/ SWAP: Leveraging the Web to Manage Workflow
    /Cargill, 1999b/ A Proposal for a Web Based Standardization Process
    /Downe, 1999/ Progress towards web-based Electronic Committees in the CEN/INES project (Internet Network for European Standardization)
    /Purper, 1999b/ A Process Web-Center
    /Seffah, 1999/ An Architecture Framework for Process Support and Distribution over the Internet
    /Shan, 1999/ FlowJet: Internet-based E-Service Process Management
    /Windrum, 1999/ The "Technology Fix": Developing Improved Search Engines to Sustain Web Growth

    /Aoyama, 1998/ Web-based agile software development
    /Coda, 1998/ Towards a Software Engineering Approach to Web Site Development
    /Isakowitz, 1998/ Web Information Systems
    /Kammer, 1998/ Supporting Distributed Workflow Using HTTP

    /Hausen, 1997b/ Basic Support for Intranet Software Processes

    /Greenwood, 96b/ ProcessWeb - Process Support for the World Wide Web

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