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Process Phases: Assessment

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    Process Assessment


    /Nedstam, 2001/ A Case Study on Scenario-Based Process Flexibility Assessment for Risk Reduction

    /Cignoni, 1999/ Rapid Software Process Assessment to promote Innovation in SMEs
    /El Eman, 1999/ Elements of Software Process Assessment and Improvement
    /Jocham, 1999/ A lean Metric Acquisition and Presentation Environment for the Assessment of a Test Process Improvement Experiment
    /Mancini, 1999/ A Common Schema for Assessment and Description of Process Improvement Experiments
    /Matsushita, 1999/ Modeling Framework and Supporting System for Process Assessment Documents
    /Wang Y., 1999d/ Experience in comparative Process Assessment with multi-process-models

    /Emmerich, 1998/ Software Process - Standards, Assessments and Improvements

    /Cattaneo, 1995/ An experience in process assessment

    /Kuvaja, 1994/ Software Process Assessment and Improvement. The BOOTSTRAP Approach
    /Rombach, 1994/ How to Assess a Software Process Modeling Formalism from a Project's Member Point of View

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