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    Description of the ISPW6 Example
    Description of the ISPW7 Example
    Description of the ISPW9 Example


    /Lee, 1999/ Evaluation of Little-JIL 1.0 with ISPW-6 Software Process Example

    /Marttiin, 1998/ How to support CASE activities through fully customisable process models: Experiments of CPME/MetaEdit+ using VPL formalism and ISPW-6 example

    /Huff, 1991a/ ISPW7 Process Example in GRAPPLE (Process Change)
    /Penedo, 1994/ Life-cycle (Sub) Process Scenario for 9th International Software Process Workshop (ISPW9)
    /Robertson, 1994/ An Implementation of the ISPW-6 Process Example

    /Sa, 1993/ A Formal Description of the ISPW-6 Software Process Example

    /Bandinelli, 1991c/ SLANG Solution for the ISPW-7 Software Process Example
    /Belkhatir, 1991d/ Software Process Modeling in ADELE: The ISPW-7 Example
    /Conradi, 1991a/ The EPOS Approach to the ISPW/ Software Process Modeling Example Problem
    /Culver-Lozo, 1991a/ ISPW-7 Software Process Example: Solution
    /Goldman, 1991/ Solution for the ISPW-7 process example
    /Huff, 1991a/ ISPW7 Process Example in GRAPPLE (Process Change)
    /Inuoue, 1991a/ A Formalization of Software Process Modeling Example Problem with Process Description Language PDL
    /Katayama, 1991a/ ISPW6: Support for the Software Process
    /Kellner, 1991c/ISPW6 Software Process Example
    /Kellner, 1991d/ ISPW7 Software Process Example
    /Mi, 1991a/ Solution to the Software Process Example - The ISPW-7 Workshop
    /Perry, 1991a/ The ISPW7-Example Solution
    /Peuschel, 1991a/ ISPW--7 Exercise Solution
    /Simmonds, 1991a/ Software Process Modeling Example Solution: Creating ReadyToUse East-Environments
    /Sutton, 1991a/ APPL/A A Solution for ISPW7 Resource-Management Problem
    /Sutton, 1991b/ APPL/A A Solution for ISPW7 Coordination and Communication Problem
    /Sutton, 1991c/ APPL/A A Solution for ISPW7 Process-Modification Problem

    /Goldman, 1990/ Solution for the ISPW-6 process example
    /Irvine, 1990/ IDEF0/SADT Solutions to ISPW Problem
    /Karr, 1990/ A Solution to the ISPW--6 Software Process Modeling Example
    /Kellner, 1990a/ Software Process Modeling Example Problem
    /Peuschel, 1990a/ ISPW--6 Exercise Solution

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