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  • Process Technologies
  • Software Engineering
  • Formal Methods
  • Process Technologies

    Id. Title
    /Dadam, 1999/ On the Design, Implementation, and Maintenance of Enterprise-wide Transactional Workflow Applications for Advanced Environments: Challenges and Open Issues
    /Dami, 1998/ APEL : a Graphical Yet Executable Formalism For Process Modeling
    /Dandekar, 1996/ A Study in Process Simplification
    /Davenport T.H., 1993/ Process Innovation - Reengineering Work Through Information Technology
    /de Bunje, 1995/ Combining Process Models and Metrics in Practice
    /de Bunje, 1996/ Towards Measurable Process Models
    /de Bunje, 1996a/ Industrial maintenance modelled in SOCCA: an experience report
    /Debenham, 1998/ Experiments with Two Workflow Architectures
    /Deck, 2001/ Managing Process Diversity While Improving Your Practices
    /Deibler, 2000/ Hybrid Multi-Model Assessment (HM 2 ) - When the CMM meets ISO 9001
    /Deiters, 1993/ Software process technology transfer- a case study based on FUNSOFT nets and MELMAC
    /Deiters, 1995/ Der FUNSOFT-Ansatz zum Management von Vorgehensmodellen
    /Dellen, 1997/ Wissensmanagement in CoMo-Kit
    /Demirors, 1998/ Software Process Improvement in a Small Organization: Difficulties and Suggestions
    /Demirors, 1998a/ Process Improvement Towards ISO 9001 Certification in a Small Software Organization
    /Demirors, 2000a/ Evaluation of Small Software Companies For Large Contracts
    /Demirors O., 2000/ Using Cost of Software Quality for a Process Improvement Initiative
    /Derniame, 1990/ Roles cooperation through software process instantiaton
    /Derniame, 1993/ About software process centered environments
    /Derniame, 1994/ Directions in Software Process Modelling and Technology: A Preface
    /Derniame, 1998/ Software Process: Principles, Methodology and Technology
    /Devarenne, 1992/ The Need of a Process Engineering Method
    /Dewan, 1994/ Relations between CSCW and software process research: a position statement
    /Diamant, 1990/ Process Modeling in HP Softbench
    /Diamant, 1994/ Human interaction suppport in HP SynerVision for SoftBench
    /DIN EN ISO 9001/ DIN EN ISO 9001 - Qualitätsmanagementsysteme - Modell zur Darlegung des Qualitätsmanagementsystems in Design/Entwicklung, Produktion, Montage und Kundendienst
    /DIN Fachbericht 50/ DIN Fachbericht 50 - Geschäftsprozessmodellierung und Workflow-Management Forschungs- und Entwicklungsbedarf im Rahmen der Entwicklungsbegleitenden Normung
    /DIN Fachbericht 75/ DIN Fachbericht 75 - Service Engineering - Entwicklungsbegleitende Normung für Dienstleistung
    /DIN Fachbericht 80, 2000/ DIN Fachbericht 80 - Geschäftsprozessgestaltung Typisierung und Modellierung
    /DiNitto, 1995/ Integrating process technology and CSCW
    /Disney, 1998/ Investigating Data Quality Problems in the PSP
    /Donzelli, 1999/ A Software Process Simulator for Software Product and Process Improvement
    /Dossick, 1999/ CHIME: A Metadata-Based Distributed Software Development Environment
    /Dowson, 1985/ The structure of the software process
    /Dowson, 1986a/ Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Software Process
    /Dowson, 1987/ Iteration in the Software Process: Review of the 3rd International Software Process Workshop
    /Dowson, 1990/ Concepts for process definition and support
    /Dowson, 1991/ Process and Project Management
    /Dowson, 1991b/ Fundamental Software Process Concepts
    /Dowson, 1993/ Towards requirements for enactment mechanisms
    /Dowson, 1993b/ Process variables and process change
    /Dröschel, 2000/ Das V-Modell 97: Der Standard für die Entwicklung von IT-Systemen mit Anleitung für den Praxiseinsatz
    /Dröschel, 1997/ Inkrementelle und objektorientierte Vorgehensweisen mit dem V-Modell '97
    /Dröschel, 1995/ CASE Tools: Werkzeugunterstützung im Rahmen des V-Modells
    /Duschl, 1992/ SSADM & GRAPES, Two Complementary Major European Methodologies for Information Systems Engineering

    Software Engineering

    Id. Title
    /d'Astous, 2000/ Characterizing Implicit Information During Peer Review Meetings
    /Daenzer, 1988/ Systems Engineering - Leitfaden zur methodischen Durchführung umfangreicher Planungsvorhaben
    /Dalal, 1999/ Model-Based Testing in Practice
    /Dashofy, 1999/ Using Off-The-Shelf Middleware to Implement Connectors in Distributed Software Architectures
    /Date, 1990/ An Introduction to Database Systems,Vol.I
    /Davenport, 2000/ Technology Transfer: Leakage or Control?
    /Davis, 1988/ A Comparison of Techniques for the Specification of External System Behavior
    /Dawson, 2000/ Twenty Dirty Tricks to Train Software Engineers
    /DeBaud, 1999/ A Systematic Approach to Derive the Scope of Software Product Lines
    /Debenham, 1998/ Experiments with Two Workflow Architectures
    /DeLine, 1999/ Avoiding Packaging Mismatch with Flexible Packaging
    /DeMarco, 1978/ Structured Analysis and System Specification
    /DeMarco, 1989/ Software Development: State of the Art vs. State of the Practice
    /DeMarco, D., 1999/ The Human Characteristics for Innovation in the Development of Information Technology
    /Denert, 1991/ Software Engineering - Methodische Projektabwicklung
    /Denning, 1982/ Cryptography and Data Security
    /Deutsch, 1982/ Software Verification and Validation
    /Deutsch, 1988/ Software Quality Engineering
    /Devanbu, 2000/ Software Engineering for Security: A Roadmap
    /Devanbu, 1999/ CHIME: Customizable Hyperlink Insertion and Maintenance Engine for Software Engineering Environments
    /DGQ, 1986/ Software-Qualitätssicherung
    /Diamant, 1990/ Process Modeling in HP Softbench
    /Diamant, 1994/ Human interaction suppport in HP SynerVision for SoftBench
    /Dimitrov, 2000/ Effizienter Einsatz eines VGM für die OO-Entwicklung
    /DIN 55350, 1987/ DIN 55 350, Part 17 - Terms of Quality Assessment Measures
    /DIN 66241, 1978/ DIN 66241: Entscheidungstabellentechnik für den Informationsaustausch
    /DIN 66285, 1985/ DIN V 66 285 - Anwendungssoftware; Prüfgrundsätze
    /DIN 69900.1, 1987/ DIN 69900 Teil 1: Netzplantechnik Begriffe
    /DIN 69900.2, 1987/ DIN 69900 Teil 2: Netzplantechnik Darstellungstechnik
    /DIN 69901/ DIN 69901 - Projektwirtschaft; Projektmanagement; Begriffe
    /DIN ISO 8402/ DIN EN ISO 8402 - Quality Management (Terms)
    /Dingel, 1998/ Reasoning about implicit Invocation
    /DiNitto, 1996/ Product lines: what are the issues?
    /DiNitto, 1999/ Exploiting ADLs to Specify Architectural Styles Induced by Middleware Infrastructures
    /Dittrich, 2000/ Databases in Software Engineering: A Roadmap
    /Donaldson, 1999/ A flexible approach to Multimedia and Software quality assurance - The sister Esprit project MultiSpace & Space-UFO
    /Donaldson, 2000/ Systems Failures: An Approach To Understanding What Can Go Wrong
    /Downe, 1999/ Progress towards web-based Electronic Committees in the CEN/INES project (Internet Network for European Standardization)
    /Downs, 1988/ Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method
    /Downs, 1992/ Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method, Application and Context
    /Dowson, 1993/ Towards requirements for enactment mechanisms
    /Dowson, 1994/ Towards Requirements for Enactment Mechanisms
    /Drappa, 2000/ Simulation in Software Engineering Training
    /Dressel, 1998/ Die komponentenbasierte Anwendungsentwicklung auf der Basis objektorientierter Modelle
    /Dresselhaus, 2000/ Object-Oriented Design in Real-Time Embedded Robot Control Software
    /du Bousquet, 1999/ Lutess: a Specification-driven Testing Environment for Synchronous Software
    /Ducassé, 1999/ Coca: An automated Debugger for C
    /Dunn, 1984/ Software Defect Removal
    /Dunsmore, 2000/ Object-Oriented Inspection in the Face of Delocalization
    /Dustin, 2001/ Quality Web Systems
    /Dutka, 1989/ Fundamentals of Data Normalization

    Formal Methods

    Id. Title
    /Dang, 2000/ Three Approximation Techniques for ASTRAL Symbolic Model Checking of Infinite State Real-time System
    /Dang, 1999/ Using the ASTRAL Model Checker to Analyze Mobile IP
    /Deutsch, 1982/ Software Verification and Validation
    /DIN ISO/IEC 8652, 1996/ DIN ISO/IEC 8652 - Ada 95 Reference Manual
    /Dwyer, 1998/ Filter-based Model Checking of Partial Systems
    /Dwyer, 1999/ Patterns in Property Specifications for Finite-State Verification

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