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Id. Title
/Ebert, 1999/ Integrating Process Improvement and Product Engineering
/ECSS E 40, 1999/ ECSS E 40 - Software Engineering Standards
/ECSS Q 80, 1996/ ECSS-Q80 - Software Product Assurance Standard
/Edwards, 2000/ Demo: "Lessons Learned from Teaching Reflective Software Engineering using the Leap Toolkit"
/Egyhazy, 2001/ Defining Team Processes Using OO Metaphors
/Ehrlich, 1987/ Modeling Software Failures and Reliability Growth During System Testing
/Eickelmann, 1996/ An Evaluation of Software Test Environment Architectures
/El Eman, 1993/ Empirically Driven Improvement of Generic Process Models
/El Eman, 1996/ Implementing Concepts from the Personal Software Process in an Industrial Setting
/El Eman, 1996a/ Inter-rater agreement in SPICE- based assessments: some preliminary results
/El Eman, 1998/ SPICE: The Theory and Practice of Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination
/El Eman, 1999/ Elements of Software Process Assessment and Improvement
/Elben, 1973/ Entscheidungstabellentechnik - Logik, Methodik und Programmierung
/Elliott, 2000/ Achieving Customer Satisfaction through Requirements Understanding
/Elliott, 2000a/ Enhancing the Measurement of Process Maturity and SPI effectiveness
/Ellis, 1990/ The Annotated C++ Reference Manual
/Ellmer, 1996/ Considerations for an Organizational Memory in Software Development
/Ellmer, 1996a/ Extending Process-Centered Environments with Organizational Competence
/Ellmer, 1998/ Process Technology Implications of Procurement Processes: Some Initial Observations
/Emmerich, 1991a/ Merlin: a Knlowledge-based process modeling
/Emmerich, 1991b/ FUNSOFT Nets: A Petri-Net based Software Process Modeling Language
/Emmerich, 1992/ Suitable Databases for Process-Centered Environments Do not yet Exists
/Emmerich, 1996/ Fine Grained Process Modelling: An Experiment at Brittish Airways
/Emmerich, 1996b/ Do Process-Centred Environments Deserve Process-Centred Tools?
/Emmerich, 1998/ Software Process - Standards, Assessments and Improvements
/Emmerich, 1999/ Managing Standards Compliance
/Emmerich, 2000/ Implementing Incremental Code Migration with XML
/Emmerich, 2000a/ Software Engineering for Middleware: A Roadmap
/Engelkamp, 2000/ Project Experience Database: A Report Based on Practical Experience
/Engels, 1992/ Specification of Coordinated Behavior in the Software Development Process
/Engels, 1993/ Modular, Visual Specifications of Software Processes
/Engels, 1994a/ Specification of Coordinated Behavior by SOCCA
/Engels, 1994b/ SOCCA: Specifications of Coordinated and Cooperative Activities
/Engels, 2000/ Object-Oriented Modeling: A Roadmap
/Ernst, 2000/ Quickly Detecting Relevant Program Invariants
/Ernst, 1999/ Dynamically Discovering Likely Program Invariants to Support Program Evolution
/Ernst & Young, 1991/ Navigator System Series, Overview
/ESA, 1989/ HOOD Reference Manual
/ESA, 1991/ ESA PPS-005 Software Engineering Standards
/Estublier, 1992/ Reusing Software Process
/Estublier, 1994/ What Process Technology Needs from Databases
/Estublier, 1995/ A generalized Multi View Approach
/Estublier, 1996/ Process Engine Interoperability: An experiment
/Estublier, 1998a/ Architectures for Process Support System Interoperability
/Estublier, 1998b/ The Architecture of Federations From Process to Software
/Estublier, 1998c/ Federations of Process Support Systems
/Estublier, 1999/ Is a Process Formalism an ADL?
/Estublier, 1999b/ Building a Federation of Process Support Systems
/Estublier, 2000/ Support for Software Federations: the PIE Platform
/Estublier, 2000a/ Software Configuration Management: A Roadmap
/Evangelist, 1985/ Foundational problems in software process research

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