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Id. Title
/Walker, 1999/ An Initial Assessment of Aspect-oriented Programming
/Walli, 1999/ Posix: A Case Study in a Successful Standard Or, why We Donít Need Radical Change in the SDO Process
/Wallmüller, 1990/ Software-Qualitätssicherung
/Wallrabe, 1997/ Smalltalk für Ein- und Umsteiger
/Wang A., 1997/ Exercise in process modeling
/Wang A., 1998/ Improving Cooperation Support in the EPOS CM System
/Wang A., 2000/ Mobile Software Process in CAGIS
/Wang A., 1999/ A Multi-Agent Architecture for Cooperative Software Engineering
/Wang E., 1998/ A Rigorous Object-Oriented Design Process
/Wang Y., 1998/ A Worldwide Survey of Base Process Activities Towards Software Engineering Process Excellence
/Wang Y., 1999a/ Conformance Analysis of the Tailored CMM with ISO/IEC 15504
/Wang Y., 1999b/ What the Software Industry says: The practices modelled in current software process models?
/Wang Y., 1999c/ An Unified Framework for the Software Engineering Process System Standards and Models
/Wang Y., 1999d/ Experience in comparative Process Assessment with multi-process-models
/Wang Y., 2000/ Software Engineering Processes: Principles and Applications
/Wang Y., 2000a/ A Recent Extension of ISO 15504 to IT Acquisition Processes
/Wang Y., 2000b/ Deriving Personal Software Processes from Current Software Engineering Process Models
/Wang Y., 2000c/ PROBE : Development of a European Benchmark on IT Acquisition Processes
/Wang Y., 2000d/ PULSE: An ISO/IEC 15504 Extended Model and Methodology
/Warboys, 1991/ The Practical Application of Process Modelling: Some Early Reflections
/Warboys, 1998/ Instances and Connectors: Issues for a Second Generation Process Language
/Warboys, 1999a/ Collaboration and Composition: Issues for a Second Generation Process Language
/Warboys, 1999b/ Business Information Systems: A Process Approach
/Ward, 1985/ Structured Development for Real-Time Systems
/Warsta, 2000/ Process View on Software Contracting in the Internet Business
/Wasserman, 1984/ Characteristics of the user software engineering methodology
/Webby, 1997/ Towards a Logical Schema Integrating Software Process Modeling and Software Measurement
/Webby, 1998/ Spearmint - A Prototype Tool for Visualizing Complex Software Processes
/Wende, 1999/ Experiences and Positions of the DIN IT Standards Committee
/Wermellinger, 1999/ Algebraic Software Architecture Reconfiguration
/Wernick, 1998/ Software Process White Box Modelling for FEAST/1
/Weske, 1999/ A Reference Model for Workflow Application Development Processes
/West, 1999a/ Organizational Decisions for I.T. Standards Adoption: Antecedents and Consequences
/West, 1999b/ Reconsidering the Assumptions for "Tipping" in Network Markets
/Weyuker, 1986/ Managing testing of iteratively developed software
/White, 1985/ Two embedded computer system requirement models: issues for investigation
/Whittington, 2000/ A Description of a "Framework Approach" to Evolutionary Systems Development
/Whittle, 2000/ Generating Statechart Designs From Scenarios
/Wiborny, 1991/ Datenmodellierung, CASE, Datenmanagement
/Widmaier, 2000/ Producing More Reliable Software: Mature Software Engineering Process vs. State-of-the-Art Technology?
/Wielinga, 1994/ Expertise Model Definition Document
/Wiemers, 1997/ Vom Frust zur Lust bei der Einführung eines Vorgehensmodells
/Wiemers, 1998a/ Ein Vorgehens für das Einführen eines Vorgehens(modells)
/Wiemers, 1998b/ Erste Standardsaufwandschätzung für ein größeres Projekt mit Hilfe des V-Modells
/Wiemers, 1999/ Qualitätssicherung einfach(er) gemacht
/Wiemers, 2000/ Werkzeuge sind nötig - aber bitte nicht ohne KM-Konzept!
/Wieser, 1999/ Systematic Experience Transfer: Three Case Studies From a Cognitive Point of View
/Wileden, 1984/ Feedback-directed development of complex software systems
/Wileden, 1985a/ Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Software Process and Software Environments
/Wileden, 1985b/ Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Software Process and Software Environments
/Wileden, 1986/ Incremental development and iteration in the software process
/Wileden, 1988/ Facilitating process prototyping by controlling the impact of change
/Wileden, 1989/ Experiments with typing in process modelling
/Wilkinson, 1995/ Using CRC Cards
/Wille, 1972/ Netzplantechnik - Methoden zur Planung und Überwachung von Projekten
/Williams, 1988/ A behavioral approach to software process modelling
/Williams, 1988a/ Software Process Modeling: A Behavioral Approach
/Williams Laurie, 2000/ Strengthening the Case for Pair Programming
/Windrum, 1999/ The "Technology Fix": Developing Improved Search Engines to Sustain Web Growth
/Wijnstra, 2000/ Supporting Diversity with Component Frameworks as Architectural Entities
/Wirdmann, 1997/ Tailoring fuer Übergrößen
/Wirfs-Brock, 1993/ Objektorientiertes Software-Design
/Wohlwend, 1993/ Software Improvements in an International Company
/Woletz, 1996/ Erfahrungen mit dem Einsatz des V-Modells
/Wolf, 1993a/ A Study in Software Process Data Capture and Analysis
/Wolf, 1993b/ Process-Centered Environments (Only) Support Environment-Centered Processes
/Woodman, 1999/ Exploiting Smalltalk Modules In A Customizable Programming Environment

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