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Eds(s) Title Editorial Ref. See Details
IEEE A special session on "The Personal Software Process" IEEE Computer Society   See Details
IEEE Special Session on Process Diversity IEEE Computer Society   See Details
El Eman, K.
Madhavji, N.
Elements of Software Process Assessment and Improvement IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, CA, 1999. /El Eman, 1999/ See Details
Kneuper, R.
Müller-Luschnat, G.
Oberweis, A.
Vorgehensmodelle fuer die betriebliche Anwendungsentwicklung B.G. Teubner Sttutgart - Leipzig 1998. /Kneuper, 1998a/ See Details
Derniame, J.-C.
Ali Kaba, B.
Wastell, D.
Software Process: Principles, Methodology and Technology LNCS 1500, Springer Verlag 1998. /Derniame, 1998/ See Details
Garg, P.
Jazayeri, M.
Process Centered Software Engineering Environments IEEE Computer Society Press. Los Alamitos, CA. 1996. /Garg, 1996/ See Details
Finkelstein, A.
Kramer, J.
Nuseibeh, B.
Software Process Modelling and Technology Research Studies Press. Wiley and Sons, 1994. /Finkelstein, 1994/ See Details

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