Book: Elements of Software Process Assessment and Improvement  

Elements of Software Process Assessment and Improvement

IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, CA, 1999.

/El Eman, 1999/


El Eman, K.
Madhavji, N.


Author(s) Chapter Contribution
Paulk, M.
Weber, C.
Chrissis, M.B.
1 The Capability Maturity ModelSM for Software
François Coallier
Jean Mayrand
Bruno Lague
2 Risk Management in Software Product Procurement
Jean-Normand Drouin 3 The Spice Project
Hans Stienen 4 Software Process Assessment and Improvement: Five Years of Experiences with Bootstrap
Sam Weissfelner 5 ISO 9001 for Software Organizations
Curtis, B.
William E. Hefley
Sally Miller
Michael Konrad
6 The People Capability Maturity ModelSM for Improving the Software Workforce
Briand, L.
El Eman, K.
Melo, W.
7 An Inductive Method for Software Process Improvement: Concrete Steps and Guidelines
Caper Jones 8 The Economics of Software Process Improvements
Herb Krasner 9 The Payoff for Software Process Improvement: What it is and How to Get it
Dennis R. Goldenson
El Eman, K.
Herbsleb, J.
Christopher Deephouse
10 Empirical Studies of Software Process Assessment Methods
Ken Dymond 11 Essence and Accidents in SEI-Style Assessments or "Maybe this Time the Voice of the Engineer will be Heard"
Johnson, D.
Brodman, J.
12 Tailoring the CMMSM for Small Business, Small Organizations and Small Projects
Ray Dion 13 Starting the Climb towards the CMMSM Level 2 Plateau
William W. Agresti 14 The Role of Design Analysis in Process Improvement
Joseph Puffer 15 Action Planning
David Raffo
Kellner, M.
16 Modeling Software Processes Quantitatively and Evaluating the Performance of Process Alternatives
Lehman, M. M.
Ramil, J.
Wernick, P.
Perry, D.
Turski, W. M.
17 Metrics and Laws of Software Evolution: The Nineties View

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