Magazine: IEEE Software Jul/Aug 2000  

Focus on Process Diversity

IEEE Software Vol. 17, No. 4, July/August 2000 - Homepage (some papers available for download)

Main Contributions:

Author(s) Title Ref.
Mikael Lindvall
Ioana Rus
Process Diversity in Software Development (Guest Editors' Introduction) /Lindvall, 2000/
Laurie Williams
Robert R. Kessler
Ward Cunningham
Ron Jeffries
Strengthening the Case for Pair Programming /Williams Laurie, 2000/
Linda Rising
Norman S. Janoff
The Scrum Software Development Process for Small Teams /Rising, 2000/
Sutton, S. M.
The Role of Process in a Software Start-up /Sutton, 2000/
Brodman, J.
Johnson, D.
Applying CMM Project Planning Practices to Diverse Environments /Johnson D., 2000/
Lisa Brownsword
Tricia Oberndorf
Carol A. Sledge
Developing New Processes for COTS-Based Systems /Brownsword, 2000/
Morisio, M.
Tully, C.
Michel Ezran
Diversity in Reuse Processes /Morisio, 2000a/
Alistair Cockburn Selecting a Project 's Methodology /Cockburn, 2000/
Curtis, B.
The Global Pursuit of Process Maturity (Guest Editor's Introduction) /Curtis, 2000a/
Gargi Keeni The Evolution of Quality Processes at Tata Consultancy Services /Keeni, 2000/
Bill Pitterman Telcordia Technologies:The Journey to High Maturity /Pitterman, 2000/
William A. Florac
Anita D. Carleton
Julie Barnard
Statistical Process Control:Analyzing a Space Shuttle Onboard Software Process /Florac, 2000/

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