Magazine: IEEE Software Nov/Dec 2000  

IEEE Software Vol. 17, No. 6, November/December 2000
Homepage (some papers available for download)

Main Contributions:

Author(s) Title Ref.
Humphrey, W.S.
The Personal Software process: Status and Trends /Humphrey, 2001/
Xiamong Zhong
Madhavji, N.
El Eman, K.
Critical Factors Affecting Personal Software Processes /Zhong, 2001/
Jagadish Kamatar
Hayes, W.
An Experience Report on the Personal Software Process /Kamatar, 2001/
Morisio, M.
Applying the PSP in Industry /Morisio, 2001/
Gina C. Green
Alan R. Hevner
The Successful Diffusion of Innovations: Guidance for Software Development Organizations /Green, 2001/

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