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FSE'98 6th ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering  


FSE'98 6th ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering

November 3-5, 1998. Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA.

Conference Organization
General Chair Osterweil, L.
University of Massachusetts - Amherst - USA
Program Chair Scherlis, W.
Carnegie Mellon University
Tutorials Chair Griss, M.
Hewlett Packard - Laboratories
Publicity Chair Rosenblum, D.
University of California - Irvine
Local Arrangements Chair Tracz, W.
Lockheed Martin
Treasurer Greg Johnson Northrop Grumman

Programme Commitee
Abowd, G.
Georgia Institute of Technology - USA
Batori, D.
University of Texas at Austin - USA
Clarke, L.
University of Massachusetts - Amherst - USA
Dillon, L.K.
Michigan State University - USA
Estublier, J.
IMAG-Univ. Grenoble
Futatsugi, K.
Gaudel, M.-C.
Université de Paris Sud
Ghezzi, G.
Politecnico di Milano - Italy
Gunter, C.A.
University of Pennsylvania - USA
Hook, J.
Oregon Graduate Institute - USA
Jackson, D.
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - USA
Jazayeri, M.
Technische Universität Wien - Austria
Le Métayer, D.
INRIA - The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control
Nierstrasz, O.
Bern University - Switzerland
Rosenblum, D.
University of California - Irvine
Ryder, B.
Rutgers University - USA
Schäfer, W.
Universität Paderborn
Taylor, R. N. University of California - Irvine
van Lamsweerde, A.
Université Catholique de Louvain
Steve Vestal Honeywell Technology Center
Daniel Weise Microsoft Research
Young, M.
University of Oregon - USA
Zave, P.
AT&T - Labs Research


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Session 1: Special Address - Chaired by Scherlis, W.
Susan L. Graham
University of California - Berkeley
The Software Recommendations of the U.S. President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC)  
Session 2: Chaired by Schäfer, W.
Astley, M.
Agha, G.A.
Customization and Composition of Distributed Objects: Middleware Abstractions for Policy Management /Astley, 1998/
Seemann, J.
Wolff von Gudenberg, J.
Pattern-Based Design Recovery of Java Software /Seemann, 1998/
Stevens, P.
Pooley, R.
Systems Reengineering Patterns /Stevens, 1998/
Session 3: Chaired by Young, M.
Naumovich, G.
Avrunin, G.
A Conservative Data Flow Algorithm for Detecting All Pairs of Statements that May Happen in Parrallel /Naumovich, 1998a/
Cook, J.
Wolf, A.
Event-Basis Detection of Currency /Cook, 1998b/
Atkinson, D.
Griswold, W.
Effective-Whole-Program Analysis in the Presence of Pointers /Atkinson.D, 1998/
Session 4: Chaired by Dillon, L.K.
Jeffords, R.
Heitmeyer, C.
Automatic Generation of State Invariants from Requirements Specifications /Jeffords, 1998/
Allen, R.J.
Garlan, D.
Ivers, J.
Formal Modeling and Analysis of the HLA Component Integration Standard /Allen, 1998/
Stuurman, S.
van Katwijk, J.
On-Line Change Mechanisms the Software Architecture Level /Stuurman, 1998/
Session 5: Special Address - Chaired by Osterweil, L.
Michael Mahoney
Princeton University
Finding a History for Software Engineering  
Session 6: Chaired by Hook, J.
Krishnamurthy, S.
Felleisen, M.
Toward a Formal Theory of Extensible Software /Krishnamurthy S., 1998/
Snelting, G.
Tip, F.
Reengineering Class Hierarchies Using Concept Analysis /Snelting, 1998/
Masuda, G.
Sakamoto, M.
Ushijima, K.
Applying Designs Patterns to Decision Tree Learning System /Masuda, 1998/
Jackson, D.
An Intermediate Design Language and its Analysis /Jackson D., 1998/
Session 7: Chaired by Rosenblum, D.
Karasick, M., E.
The Architecture of Montana: An Open and Extensible Programming Environment with an Incremental C++ Compiler /Karasick, 1998/
Disney, A.
Johnson, P.
Investigating Data Quality Problems in the PSP /Disney, 1998/
Frankl, P.
Iakunenko, O.
Further Empirical Studies of Test Effectiveness /Frankl, 1998/
Kontio, J.
Getto, G.
Landes, D.
Experiences in Improving Risk Management Processes using the Concepts of the Risk Method /Kontio, 1998/
Session 8: Chaired by Jackson, D.
Alur, R.
Yannakakis, M.
Model Checking of Hierarchical State Machines /Alur, 1998/
Dwyer, M.
Pasareanu, C.
Filter-based Model Checking of Partial Systems /Dwyer, 1998/
Session 9: Panel Discussion - Chaired by Tracz, W.
Griss, M.
Don Gotterbarn (East Tennessee State Univ.)
Shaw, M.
Views on the State of Texas Licensure of Software Engineers  
Session 10: Chaired by van Lamsweerde, A.
Dingel, J.
Garlan, D.
Jha, S.
Notkin, D.
Reasoning about implicit Invocation /Dingel, 1998/
Fong, P.W.L.
Cameron, R.
Proof Linking: An Architecture for Modular Verification of Dynamically-Linked Mobile Code /Fong, 1998/
Gupta, N.
Mathur, A.
Soffa, M.L.
Automated Test Data Generation Using An Iterative Relaxation Model /Gupta N., 1998/

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