ESEC/FSE'99 7th European Software Engineering Conference and 7th ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering  


ESEC/FSE'99 7th European Software Engineering Conference and 7th ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering

Preliminary Program

September 6-10, 1999. Toulouse, France

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Conference Organization
General Chair Lemoine , M.
Program Chair Nierstrasz, O.
Bern University
Tutorials Chair Sallé, P.
INP - Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse
Workshops Chair Féraud, L.
IRIT - Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse
Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse
Local Organization Brigitte Giacomi Onera
Financial Chair Luc Bignon Onera

Programme Commitee
Ambriola, V.
Universitŕ di Pisa
Antonia Bertolino IEI-CNR Italy
Theo d'Hondt Vrije Universiteit - Belgium
Dwyer, M.
Kansas State University - USA
Martin Glinz Universität Zurich
Paola Inverardi Universita di Aquila Italy
Jazayeri, M.
Technische Universität Wien
Gerti Kappel Universität Linz
Paul Klint CWI The Netherlands
Koskimies, K.
Tampere University of Technology
Kramer, J.
Imperial College, London - UK
Gary Leavens Iowa State University USA
Simon Moser Bedag Informatik / ITL Switzerland
Murphy, G.
University of British Columbia - Canada
Nierstrasz, O.
Bern University - Switzerland
Rosenblum, D.
University of California - Irvine
Martin Shepperd Bournemouth University UK
Snelting, G.
Technische Universität Braunschweig - Germany
Jeanine Souquičres LORIA
Tichy, W.
Universität Karlsruhe
Sylvie Vignes ENST France
Zündorf, A.
Universität Paderborn

ACM - Association for Computing Machinery- Sigsoft

Keynote addresses, panels, etc.
Keynote Address Brian Jones (1st circumnavigation of the globe with a balloon - Breitling Orbiter 3). Managing the last human challenge of the 20th century: some right ways!
Invited Talk Kent Beck, Daedalos Consulting, Germany Extreme Programming: a Discipline of Software Development
Invited Talk Czamecki, K., Daimler Benz, Germany Components and Generative Programming


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Session 1A: Components
Hauswirth, M.
Jazayeri, M.
A Component and Communication Model for Push Systems /Hauswirth, 1999/
Mascolo, C.
Picco, G. P.
Roman , G.-C.
A Fine-Grained Model for Code Mobility /Mascolo, 1999/
Gafni, V.
Robots: A Real-Time Systems Architectural Style /Gafni, 1999/
Session 1B: Software Process
Warboys, B.
Balasubramaniam, D.
Greenwood, R.M.
Kirby, G.
Mayes, K.
Morrison, R.
Munro, D. S.
Collaboration and Composition: Issues for a Second Generation Process Language /Warboys, 1999a/
Jäger, D.
Schleicher, A.
Westfechtel, B.
Using UML for Software Process Modeling /Jäger, 1999/
Padberg, F.
A Probabilistic Model for Software projects /Padberg, 1999/
Session 1C: Specification
Leveson, N.
Heimdahl , P.M.E.
Reese, J.
Designing Specification Languages for Process Control Systems: Lessons Learned and Steps to the Future /Leveson, 1999/
Gargantini, A.
Heitmeyer, C.
Using Model Checking to Generate Tests from Requirements Specifications /Gargantini, 1999/
Thompson , J.M.
Heimdahl , P.M.E.
Miller, P.
Specification-based Prototyping for Embedded Systems /Thompson , 1999/
Case Studies
Anderson , K.M.
Brannum, G.
Application on Open Hypermedia to Military Software /Anderson, 1999/
Hilera, J.R.G.
Martínez, J.J.H.
Evaluation and Selection of CASE tools - a real case /Hilera, 1999/
Abbas, R.
Kazmierczak, E.
Dart, P.
On the importance of Architecture in Collaborative Projects /Abbas, 1999/
Bernard, D.
Rouge, A.
Application and Impact of a Safety Integrity Level Based Standadrs on a Software Test Approach /Bernard, 1999/
Demo Session
Steindl, C.
Demo session: The Oberon Slicing Tool /Steindl, 1999/
Ossher, H.
Tarr, P.
Demo session: Hyper/J(tm): Multi Dimensional Separation of Concern for Java(tm) /Ossher, 1999/
Purper, C. Blanck Demo session: GDPA: a Learning Environment for Software Process Standards /Purper, 1999e/
Session 2A: Program Analysis
Siff, M.
Chandra, S.
Ball, T.
Kunchithapadam, K.
Reps, T.W.
Coping with Type Casts in C /Siff, 1999/
Liang , D.
Harrold, M.J.
Efficient Points-To Analysis For Whole-Program Analysis /Liang , 1999/
Ball, T.
The Concept of Dynamic Analysis /Ball, 1999/
Rountev, A.
Ryder, B.
Landi, W.
Data-Flow Analysis of Program Fragments /Rountev, 1999/
Session 2B: Testing and Debugging
Zeller, A.
Yesterday, my program worked. Today, it does not. Why? /Zeller.A, 1999/
Jaramillo, C.
Gupta, R.
Soffa, M.L.
Comparison Checking: An Approach to Avoid Debugging of Optimized Code /Jaramillo, 1999/
Chang, J.
Richardson, D.
Structural Specification-based Testing: Automated Support and Experimental Evaluation /Chang, 1999/
Gyimóthy, T.
Beszédes, Á.
Forgács, I.
An Efficient Relevant Slicing Method for Debugging /Gyimóthy, 1999/
Session 3A: Java
Robillard, M.
Murphy, G.
Analysing Exception Flow in Java Programs /Robillard, 1999/
Naumovich, G.
Avrunin, G.
Clarke, L.
An Efficient Algorithm for Computing MHP Information for Concurrent Java Programs /Naumovich, 1999/
Bokowski, B.
CoffeeStrainer: Statiscally-Checked Constraints on the Definition and Use of Types in Java /Bokowski, 1999/
Session 3B: Architectures and Models
Fierz, H.
The CIP Method: Component- and Model-Based Construction of Embedded Systems /Fierz, 1999/
Wermellinger, M.
Fiadeiro, J.
Algebraic Software Architecture Reconfiguration /Wermellinger, 1999/
Fradet, P.
Le Métayer, D.
Périn, M.
Consistency Checking for Multiple View Software Architectures /Fradet, 1999/
Case Studies 2
Bayias, P.
Hadzilacos, T.
The Requirements Engineering Process of OASIS: An Industrial Case Study /Bayias, 1999/
Valerio, A.
Fenaroli, M.
An industrial experience in improving the software process through domain analysis /Valerio, 1999a/
Ebert, C.
Integrating Process Improvement and Product Engineering /Ebert, 1999/
Gordijn, J.
Van Vliet, H.
On the Interaction between Business Models and Software Architecture in Electronic Commerce /Gordijn, 1999/
Session 4A: Reuse
Jarzabek, S.
Knauber, P.
Synergy between Component-based and Generative Approaches /Jarzabek, 1999/
Bayer, J.
Girard, J.F.
Wurthner, M.
Appel, M.
DeBaud, J.M.
Transitioning Legacy Assets to a Product Line Architecture /Bayer, 1999/
Dossick, S.
Kaiser, G.
CHIME: A Metadata-Based Distributed Software Development Environment /Dossick, 1999/
Session 4B: Verification and Checking
Grimaud, G.
Lanet, J.L.
Vandewalle, J.J.
FACADE: a typed intermediate language dedicated to smart cards /Grimaud, 1999/
Braberman, V.
Felder, M.
Verification of Real Time Designs: Combining Scheduling Theory with Automatic Formal Verification /Braberman, 1999/
Giannakopoulou, D.
Magee, J.
Kramer, J.
Checking Progress with Action Priority: Is it Fair? /Giannakopoulou, 1999/

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