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September 8-10, 1999. Milan, Italy

Program Chairmann: Chroust, G.


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
D1: The Software Industry - State of the Art - Chair: Chroust, G.
Wang, Y.
Wickberg, H.
What the Software Industry says: The practices modelled in current software process models? /Wang Y., 1999b/
Magnani G.
Critical factors affecting the development of an improvement strategy: Leadership, Organisation, Key-Process or Business results? /Magnani, 1999/
D2: Successful Software Process Improvements - Chair: Parets-Llorca, J.
Sharp, H.
Woodman, M.
Hovenden , F.
Robinson, H.
The role of in successful software process improvement /Sharp, 1998/
Chatters, B.W.
Henderson, P.
An Experiment to Improve Cost Estimation and Project Tracking for Software and Systems Integration Projects /Chatters, 1999b/
Nättinnen, M.
Rahikkala, T.
Välimäki, A.
Experiences from the Pilot Operation and Commissioning Phase of a SCM Process Improvement Program /Nättinnen, 1999/
D3: Tool Support for Development Activities - Chair: Bicego, A.
Tiako, P.
Derniame, J.-C.
PSEEs Modelling for Supporting and Improving Collaborative Joint Software Development Process /Tiako, 1999/
Leung, H.K.N. A Tool for Testing Hypermedia Systems /Leung, 1999/
Tarhan, A.
Demirors, E.
Demirors, O.
A Distributed Tool for Commitment Specification and Management /Tarhan, 1999/
D4: Object Oriented Approaches - Chair: Klöckner, K.
Rege, K. Design Patterns for Component-Oriented Software Development /Rege, 1999/
Mühlbacher, J.
Dietmüller, P.
Jöbstl, M.
Extendable Object Visualisation for Software Reengineering /Mühlbacher, 1999/
Oliver, I.
Kent, S.
Validation of Object Oriented Models using Animation /Oliver, 1999/
D5: Keynote
Mulej, M. Keynote: The Law of Requisite Holism - Systemic versus Reductionistic versus Complex Thinking /Mulej, 1999/
D6: Managing Requirements - Chair: Chroust, G.
Lam, W.
Shankararaman, V.
Requirements Change: A Dissection of Management Issues /Lam, 1999/
Parets_Llorca, J.
Grünbacher, P.
Capturing, Negotiating, and Evolving System Requirements: Bridging WinWin and the UML /Parets_Llorca, 1999/
Crnkovic, I.
Funk, P.
Larsson, M.
Processing Requirement by Software Configuration Management /Crnkovic, 1999/
D7: Measuring the Software Process - Chair: Seppänen, V.
Wang, Y.
Dorling, A.
Wickberg, H.
Experience in comparative Process Assessment with multi-process-models /Wang Y., 1999d/
Jocham, P.
Kreiner, Ch.
A lean Metric Acquisition and Presentation Environment for the Assessment of a Test Process Improvement Experiment /Jocham, 1999/
Ronkainen, J.
Blackwood, R.
Rahikkala, T.
Automating SCM Metric Data Collection and Analysis in Virtual Software Corporations /Ronkainen, 1999/
D8: Software Product Quality - Chair: Stallinger, F.
Chroust, G.
Lexen, H.
Software Inspections - Theory, New approaches and an Experiment /Chroust, 1999/
Valerio, A.
Fenaroli, M.
Benedicenti, L.
Improving the Software process through domain Analysis: A case study /Valerio, 1999c/
Leung, H.K.N. Multi-agent Environment for Software Quality Assurance /Leung, 1999b/
European Software Day
D9: Opening: SPI - The Key Software Quality - Chair: Chroust, G.
Amting, C.
Take-up measures for Software in the IST-Programme, Call September 99 /Amting, 1999/
Chroust, G.
Stallinger, F.
Software Process Capability in Europe - A Survey /Chroust, 1999b/
D10: Software Process Improvement Methodology - Chair: Seppänen, V.
Mancini, M .
A Common Schema for Assessment and Description of Process Improvement Experiments /Mancini, 1999/
Cignoni, G.A.
Rapid Software Process Assessment to promote Innovation in SMEs /Cignoni, 1999/
Donaldson, J.
Jenkins, J.O.
Duin, G.J.
Trienekens, J.
A flexible approach to Multimedia and Software quality assurance - The sister Esprit project MultiSpace & Space-UFO /Donaldson, 1999/
Bicego, A.
Derks, P.
Kuvaja, P.
A Product focused Process Improvement: Experiences of Applying the PROFES Improvement Methodology at Dräger /Bicego, 1999/
D11: Support for Software Development - Chair: Klöckner, K.
Chiriatti, K. Improvement of Maintenance Process using Case Tools /Chiriatti, 1999/
Klibor, H.
Gödecke, H.E.
Evaluation of the Impact of Software Configuration Management as a Key Factor for Improved Software Quality /Klibor, 1999/
Zoli, C.
Isani, G.
Configuration Management for multi-site co-operative Development of real-time Software /Zoli, 1999/
Bernemann, S. Using Estimation and Measurement to Improve Project Management /Bernemann, 1999/
D12: Validation and Verification - Chair: Chroust, G.
Harmon, R. Automated Testing of Component-based Software /Harmon, 1999/
Knasmüller, M. Quo vadis, BDM? Research Projects at BDM Steyr - An Experience Report /Knasmüller, 1999/
McMullan, P.J.P.
Milligan, P.
Corr, P.H.
Data Distribution and Analysis of code - An Expert System Approach /McMullan, 1999/
Grigoriu, M.
The Evaluation of a CAST Tool for the Automatic Validation of Knowledge Based Software Systems /Grigoriu, 1999/

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