EuroSPI 2000: European Software Process Improvement  

EuroSPI 2000: European Software Process Improvement
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November 7-9, 2000. Copenhagen, Denmark


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Session 1 : SPI and Assessments/ Benchmarks
Wang, Y.
Dorling, A.
A Recent Extension of ISO 15504 to IT Acquisition Processes /Wang Y., 2000a/
T. Makinen
Varkoi, T.
A detailed Process Assessment Method For Software SMEs /Makinen, 2000/
Cignoni, G.A.
Rapid Assessment to Solicit Process Improvement in SMEs /Bucci, 2000/
King, G.
Wang, Y.
A New Approach to Benchmark Based Process Improvement /King, 2000/
Session 2 : SPI and People/Skills
M. Jorgensen
D. Sjoberg
The importance of NOT Learning from Experience /Jorgensen, 2000/
K. M. Lui
Keith C. C. Chan
Managing Inexperienced Programmers by Better Managing Design-Coding /Lui, 2000/
B. Balstrup
A field-study of Cultural Influences on Software Process Improvement in a global Organisation /Siakas, 2000/
Biro M.
Messnarz, R.
J. Sandberg
The Perception of Quality Based on Different Cultural Value Systems /Biro, 2000/
Session 3 : SPI Implementation
P. Pourkomeylian Avoiding Failure in SPI Initiation /Pourkomeylian, 2000/
J. Klein
Y. Cohen
Instilling Quality Improvement /Klein, 2000/
Kölmel, B.
Challenges for Software Development Companies in the 21 st century /Kölmel, 2000a/
M. Host
T. Berling
An interview Based Evaluation of a Process Change Proposal /Host, 2000/
Session 4 : SPI and Systems
F. Manzo INTERWORKS : How to support the realisation of a Virtual Software Factory /Manzo, 2000/
Lehman, M. M.
Ramil, J.
G. Kahen
Role and Impact of Feedback and System Dynamics in Software Evolution Processes and their Improvement /Lehman, 2000c/
F. Basili
G. Bazzana
G. Zontini
R. Delmiglio
S. Scotto di Vettimo
Intranet as a vehicule and a platform for Process Improvement /Basili F., 2000/
Messnarz, R.
G. Velasco
G. O'Suilleabhain
The Victory Project - A Virtual Enterprise for SPI /Messnarz, 2000/
Session 5 : SPI and Personal Processes
G. Coleman
C. McGowan
D. Escala
Morisio, M.
C. Mercier
R. O'Connor
Howard Duncan
Wang, Y.
A Tool to Support the Capture of individual Process Data /Coleman G., 2000/
Wang, Y.
King, G.
Howard Duncan (Dublin City University, Ireland)
Deriving Personal Software Processes from Current Software Engineering Process Models /Wang Y., 2000b/
Session 6 : SPI and Measurement
Abrahamsson, P.
Measuring the Success of Software Process Improvement : The Dimensions /Abrahamsson, 2000a/
T. Hind Now You See It ... Now You Do'nt /Hind, 2000/
Panopoulos, Y.
Pantelopoulos, S.
Practical Measurements for Reengineering the Software Testing Process /Pantelopoulus, 2000a/
Session 7 : SPI and Testing
G. Spence
S. Phillipson
Automated Testing for User Interfaces - ESSI PIE DATES /Spence, 2000/
T. Mauro Process Improvement Through Measurement of Test Activities - ESSI PIE PROMOTE /Mauro, 2000/
B. Hindel
U. Hehn
Constructing test cases from derived requirements /Hindel, 2000/
N. B. Svendsen
J. A. Fodeh
WHEN - Release Decision Metrics /Svendsen, 2000/
Session 8 : SPI and Measurements
Elliott, J.
Enhancing the Measurement of Process Maturity and SPI effectiveness /Elliott, 2000a/
Stalhane, T.
Quality Metrics and the Kano Model /Stalhane, 2000/
R. V. Horvat
I. Rozman
V. Lesnik
SoPCoM - Model for Evaluation of the Software Processes Complexity /Horvat, 2000/
Wang, Y.
Dorling, A.
PROBE : Development of a European Benchmark on IT Acquisition Processes /Wang Y., 2000c/
Session 9 : Centre for SPI in Denmark I
L. Mathiason
P. A. Nielsen
J. Pries Heje
Learning SPI in Practice /Mathiason, 2000/
Session 10 : Danish Experience in SPI
S. S. Bruhn (Newtech, Denmark) RAMSES - Rapid Application Development in Military Sofware Systems /Bruhn, 2000/
M. Christiansen
Kautz, K.
F. Ramzan
Sofware Quality Management and Software Process Improvement in Denmark /Christiansen, 2000/
Session 11 : SPI and Procurement
Getto, G.
Thomas Gantner
Ton Vullinghs
Software Acquisition: Experiences with Models and Methods /Getto, 2000/
A. Ibsen
J. R. Jensen
Rational Unified Process in a Public Procurement Environment /Ibsen, 2000/
C. A. Pedersen SPI and Outsourcing /Pedersen, 2000/
Session 12 : Centre for SPI in Denmark II
S. Bang CMM Improvements in the fast lane /Bang, 2000/
M. H. Pederson Systematic's experiences on running an ambitious SPI initiative /Pederson, 2000/
Susanne Tryde
Ann-Dorte Nielsen
Jan Pries-Heje
An organisational Implementation Approach for SPI in Practice /Tryde, 2000/
Session 13 : SPI in Small Businesses
J. Moses
J. Clifford
Improving Effort Estimation in Small Software cCompanies /Moses, 2000/
Demirors, E. Evaluation of Small Software Companies For Large Contracts /Demirors, 2000a/
E.T. Hvannberg
G.A. Johannsdottir
A Comparison of Techniques to Support Small companies with Software Process Improvement /Hvannberg, 2000/
Session 14 : SPI and Requirements
Rupp, C.
Linguistic methods of Requirements Engineering (NLP) /Rupp, 2000/
S. Koenig
I. Zelovich
Improving Requirements Engineering Capabilities /Koenig, 2000/
T. Orci
A. Laryd
Dynamic Capability Maturity Model for Small Organisations /Orci, 2000/
Session 15 : Centre for SPI in Denmark III
J. Johansen Learning from Assessment /Johansen, 2000/
Jesper Arent Criteria and Characteristics of SPI in Different Cultural Contexts /Arent, 2000a/
Iversen, J.
J. Norbjerg (DTU, Denmark)
Software Process Assessment with Problem Diagnosis /Iversen, 2000/

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