2nd. European Workshop on Software Process Technology  


2nd. European Workshop on Software Process Technology

Trondheim, Norway. Sept. 7-8 1992

Programme Committee Chair: Derniame, J.-C.


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Conradi, R.
Fernström, C.
Fuggetta, A.
Snowdon, B.
Towards a Reference Framework for Fundamental (Software) Process Concepts /Conradi, 1992a/
Starke, G.
von der Beeck, M.
SA/CM/IM for Process Modelling /Starke, 1992/
Benali, K.
Derniame, J.-C.
Software Process Modelling: What, Who and When /Benali, 1992/
Devarenne, A.
Ozanne, C.
The Need of a Process Engineering Method /Devarenne, 1992/
Lonchamp, J.
Supporting Social Activities of Software Process /Lonchamp, 1992/
Sommerville, I.
Rodden, T.
Understanding the Software Process as a Social Process /Sommerville, 1992/
Engels, G.
Groenewegen, L.
Specification of Coordinated Behavior in the Software Development Process /Engels, 1992/
Rockwell, R. Software Development is a Communication Process /Rockwell, 1992/
Bandinelli, S.
Fuggetta, A.
Ghezzi, G.
Grigolli, S.
Process Enactment in SPADE /Bandinelli, 1992/
Ambriola, V.
Montangero, C.
OIKOS at the Age of Three /Ambriola, 1992/
Emmerich, W.
Schäfer, W.
Welsh, J.
Suitable Databases for Process-Centered Environments Do not yet Exists /Emmerich, 1992/
Jaccheri, M. L.
Gai, S.
Initial Requirements for E3: An Environment for Experimenting and Evolving Software Process /Jaccheri, 1992b/
Sa, J.
Warboys, B.
Integrating a Formal Specification Method with PML: A Case Study /Sa, 1992/
Hoffmann, C.
Krämer, B.
Dinler, B.
Multiparadigm Description of System Development Processes /Hoffmann, 1992/
Greenwood, R.M.
Using CSP and system dynamics as process engineering tools /Greenwood, 1992/
Nakagawa, A.T.
Process versus Product, Abstraction and Formalism: A Personal Perspective /Nakagawa, 1992/
Belkhatir, N.
Melo, W.
The Object Role Software Process Model /Belkhatir, 1992/
Bourdon, M. Impact of the Supported Coordination Levels on Process Modelling /Bourdon, 1992/
Estublier, J.
Reusing Software Process /Estublier, 1992/
Favaro, J. Process Modelling at the European Space Agency /Favaro, 1992/
Conradi, R.
Jaccheri, M. L.
Mazzi, C.
Nguyen, M.
Aarsten, A.
Design, Use, and Implementation of SPELL, a Language for Software Process Modeling and Evolution /Conradi, 1992b/
Snowdon, B.
An Example of Process Change /Snowdon, 1992/
Gruhn, V.
Jegelka, R.
An evaluation of FUNSOFT nets /Gruhn, 1992/
Arbaoui, S.
Mouline, S.
Oquendo, F.
Tassart, G.
PEACE: Describing and Managing Evolving Knowledge in the Software Process /Arbaoui, 1992/
Gruhn, V.
Saalmann, A.
Software Process Validation Based on FUNSOFT nets /Gruhn, 1992b/
Kawalek, P.
The Process Modelling Cookbook: Orientation, Description, Experience /Kawalek, 1992/
Galle, J. Applying Process Modelling /Galle, 1992/
Taylor, I. C. Using SPL to Model ISO 9000 /Taylor I., 1992/
Keller, R. K.
Madhavji, N.
A Comprehensive Process Model for Discussing and Recording Scientific Papers /Keller R., 1992/

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