3rd. European Workshop on Software Process Technology  


3rd. European Workshop on Software Process Technology

Villard de Lans, France. 7-9 Feb. 1994.

Programme Committee Chair: Warboys, B.


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Ambriola, V.
Cignoni, G.A.
Montangero, C.
The Oikos Services for Object Management in Software Development /Ambriola, 1994/
Bandinelli, S.
Braga, M.
Fuggetta, A.
Lavazza, L.
The Architecture of the SPADE-1 Process-Centered SEE /Bandinelli, 1994c/
Anderson M.
Griffiths, P.
The Nature of the Software Process Modelling Problem is Evolving /Anderson M., 1994/
Baldi, M.
Gai, S.
Jaccheri, M. L.
Lago, P.
Searching for PMIPS: Process Model Instructions Per Second /Baldi, 94b/
Sa, J.
Warboys, B.
Modelling Processes Using a Stepwise Refinement Technique /Sa, 1994/
Rodden, T.
King, V.
Hughes, J.
Sommerville, I.
Process Modelling and Development Practice /Rodden, 1994/
Phalp, K.
Shepperd, M.
A Pragmatic Approach to Process Modelling /Phalp, 1994/
Junkermann, G.
Schäfer, W.
A Design Methodology for Process-Programming /Junkermann, 1994a/
Heineman, G.
Process Modelling with Cooperative Agents /Heineman, 1994/
Dowson, M.
Fernström, C.
Towards Requirements for Enactment Mechanisms /Dowson, 1994/
Perry, D.
Enactment Control in Interact/Intermediate /Perry, 1994b/
Sommerville, I.
Monk, S.
Supporting Informality in the Software Process /Sommerville, 1994/
Chroust, G.
Navigation in Process Models /Chroust, 1994/
Verlage, M.
Multi-View Modelling of Software Processes /Verlage, 1994/
Engels, G.
Groenewegen, L.
Specification of Coordinated Behavior by SOCCA /Engels, 1994a/
Berrington, N.
de Roure, D.
Greenwood, R.M.
Henderson, P.
Distribution and Change: Investigating Two Challenges for Process Enactment Systems /Berrington, 1995/
Starke, G.
Why is Process Modelling so Difficult? /Starke, 1994/
Greenwood, R.M.
Modelling Processes with Constraints /Greenwood, 1994/
Arbaoui, S.
Oquendo, F.
Goal Oriented vs. Activity Oriented Process Modelling /Arbaoui, 1994/
Tankoano, J.
Derniame, J.-C.
Kaba, B. A.
Software Process Design Based on Products and the Object Oriented Paradigm /Tankoano, 1994/
Robertson, I.
An Implementation of the ISPW-6 Process Example /Robertson, 1994/
Ambriola, V.
Di Meglio, R.
Gervasi, V.
Mercurio, B.
Applying a Metric Framework to the Software Process: an Experiment /Ambriola, 1994a/
Aumaitre, J.-M.
Dowson, M.
Harjani, D.-R.
Lessons Learned from Formalizing and Implementing a Large Process Model /Aumaitre, 1994/
Krämer, B.
Dinler, B.
Applying Process Technology to Hardware Design /Krämer, 1995/
Gruhn, V.
Software Process Management and Business Process (Re-)Engineering /Gruhn, 1994a/
Conradi, R.
Høydalsvik, G. M.
Sindre, G.
A Comparison of Modelling Frameworks for Software Processes and Information Systems /Conradi, 1994a/
Lonchamp, J.
A Process-Centered Framework for Asynchronous Collaborative Work /Lonchamp, 1994/
Estublier, J.
What Process Technology Needs from Databases /Estublier, 1994/

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