4th. European Workshop on Software Process Technology  


4th. European Workshop on Software Process Technology

Noordwijkerhout, Holland. 3-5th April 1995.

Programme Committee Chair: Schäfer, W.


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Sommerville, I.
Kotonya, G.
Viller, S.
Sawyer, P.
Process Viewpoints /Sommerville, 1995/
Bröckers, A.
Process-Based Software Risk Assessment /Bröckers, 1995/
Lott, C.M.
Hoisl, B.
Rombach, D.
The Use of Roles and Measurement to Enact Project Plans in MVP-S /Lott, 1995/
de Bunje, T.
Saunders, A.
Combining Process Models and Metrics in Practice /de Bunje, 1995/
Strader, L.B.
Aune, M.K.
Rodgers, J.A.
Beims, M.A.
Space Shuttle Onboard Software (OBS) Development and Maintenance Process Automation /Strader, 1995/
Robertson, I.
Process Modelling Case Studies: a Tentative Characterisation /Robertson, 1995/
Totland, T.
Conradi, R.
A Survey and Classification of Some Research Areas Relevant to Software Process Modeling /Totland, 1995/
Pérez, G.
El Eman, K.
Madhavji, N.
Customising Software Process Models /Pérez, 1995/
Obbink, J.H.
Process Differentiation and Integration: the Key to Just-in-Time in Product Development /Obbink, 1995/
Montangero, C.
In Favour of a Coherent Process Coding Language /Montangero, 1995/
Conradi, R.
Liu, C.
Process Modelling Languages: One or Many /Conradi, 1995b/
Carr, D.C.
Dandekar, A.
Perry, D.
Experiments in Process Interface Descriptions, Visualizations and Analyses /Carr, 1995/
Tully, C.
The Software Process and the Modelling of Complex Systems /Tully, 1995/
Chroust, G.
Interpretable Process Models for Software Development and Workflow /Chroust, 1995/
Di Nitto, E.
Fuggetta, A.
Integrating process technology and CSCW /DiNitto, 1995/
Graw, G.
Gruhn, V.
Process Management In-the-Many /Graw, 1995/
Estublier, J.
Belkhatir, N.
A generalized Multi View Approach /Estublier, 1995/
Nuseibeh, B.
Kramer, J.
Finkelstein, A.
Leonhardt, U.
Decentralised Process Modelling /Nuseibeh, 1995/
Groenewegen, L.
Engels, G.
Coordination by Behavioural Views and Communications Patterns /Groenewegen, 1995/
Brinkkemper, S.
Harmsen, F.
Oei, H.
Configuration of Situational Process Models: an Information Systems Engineering Perspective /Brinkkemper, 1995/
Ambriola, V.
Cignoni, G.A.
Fernström, C.
Current Issues on Integration /Ambriola, 1995/
Valetto, G.
Kaiser, G.
Enveloping "Persistent" Tools for a Process-Centered Environment /Valetto, 1995/
Yang, Y.
Coordination for process support is not enough! /Yang Y., 1995/
Greenwood, R.M.
Coordination Theory and Software Process Technology /Greenwood, 1995/
Larsen, J.-O.
Lago, P.
Transaction Technology for Process Modeling /Larsen, 1995/
Godart, C.
Dietrich, D.
Stepwise Specification of Interactive Processes in COO /Godart, 1995/
Sa, J.
Warboys, B.
A Reflexive Formal Software Process Model /Sa, 1995/
Kaba, B. A.
Derniame, J.-C.
Transients Change Processes in Process Centered Environments /Kaba, 1995/

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