5th. European Workshop on Software Process Technology  


5th. European Workshop on Software Process Technology

Nancy, France. 9-11 October 1996.

Programme Committee Chair: Montangero, C.


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Christie, A.
Earl, A.N.
Kellner, M.
Riddle, W.
A Reference Model for Process Technology /Christie, 1996/
Nguyen, M.
Conradi, R.
Towards a Rigorous Approach for Managing Process Evolution /Nguyen, 1996/
Conradi, R. SPIQ: A Revised Agenda for Software Process Support /Conradi, 1996/
Estublier, J.
Dami, S.
Process Engine Interoperability: An experiment /Estublier, 1996/
Ben-Shaul, I.
Heineman, G.
A 3-level Atomicity Model for Decentralized Process-Centered Software Engineering Environments /Ben-Shaul, 1996/
Avrilionis, D.
Belkhatir, N.
Cunin, P.-Y.
Improving Software Process Modelling and Enactment Techniques /Avrilionis, 1996b/
Emmerich, W.
Finkelstein, A.
Do Process-Centred Environments Deserve Process-Centred Tools? /Emmerich, 1996b/
Greenwood, R.M.
Warboys, B.
ProcessWeb - Process Support for the World Wide Web /Greenwood, 1996b/
Basile, C.
Calanna, S.
Di Nitto, E.
Fuggetta, A.
Gemo, M.
Mechanisms and Policies for Federated PSEE's: Basics Concepts and Open Issues /Basile, 1996/
Snowdon, B.
Active Models and Process Support /Snowdon, 1996/
Kaba, B. A.
Derniame, J.-C.
Modelling Processes for Change: Basic Mechanisms for Evolving Process Fragments /Kaba, 1996/
Lehman, M. M.
Laws of Software Evolution Revisited /Lehman, 1996a/
Rahhal, S.
Madhavji, N.
Estimating the Effort of Implementing ISO 9001 in Software Organizations /Rahhal, 1996/
Gruhn, V.
Configuration Management Support for Software Process Models /Gruhn, 1996/
Neumann, O.
Sachweh, S.
Schäfer, W.
A High-Level Object-Oriented Specification Language for Configuration Management and Tool Integration /Neumann, 1996/
Sherdil, K.
Madhavji, N.
Human-Oriented Improvement in the Software Process /Sherdil, 1996/
van Latum, F.
Oivo, M.
Hoisl, B.
Ruhe, G.
No Improvement Without Feedback: Experiences from Goal-Oriented Measurement at Schlumberger /van Latum, 1996/
de Bunje, T.
Engels, G.
Groenewegen, L.
Heus, M.
Matsinger, A.
Towards Measurable Process Models /de Bunje, 1996/
Perry, D.
Porter, A.
Votta, L.
Wade, M.W.
Evaluating Workflow and Process Automation in Wide-Area Software Development /Perry, 1996/
Andreoli, J.-M.
Meunier, J.-L.
Pagani, D.
Process Enactment and Coordination /Andreoli, 1996/
Cissé, A.
Pimenta, M.S.
Requirements Engineering Process as an Emergent Process /Cissé, 1996/
Alloui, I.
Latrous, S.
Oquendo, F.
A Multi-Agent Approach for Modelling, Enacting and Evolving Distributed Cooperative Software Processes /Alloui, 1996a/
Nuseibeh, B.
When Agents Clash /Nuseibeh, 1996/
Hesse, W. Theory and practice of the software process - a field study and its implications for project management /Hesse, 1996c/
Kawalek, P.
Wastell, D.
Organisational Design for Software Development: A Cybernetic Perspective /Kawalek, 1996/
Ellmer, E.
Extending Process-Centered Environments with Organizational Competence /Ellmer, 1996a/
Turgeon-Tasse, J.
Madhavji, N.
A Systematic, View-based Approach to Eliciting Process Models /Turgeon-Tasse, 1996/
Matsinger, A.
Process Modelling and Measurements in an Industrial Environment /Matsinger, 1996/
Panaroni, P.
Report on Deploying Process Technology on an Industrial Space Software Project /Panaroni, 1996/
Beims, M.A.
Strader, L.B.
Software Process in a Dynamic Business Environment /Beims, 1996/

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