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ICSE: International Conference on Software Engineering  

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2nd International Conference on Software Engineering

San Francisco, California, USA. 13-15 October 1976

IEEE Computer Society, Catalog No. 76CH1125-4C

Preference to papers on software process technologies

Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
S. N. Gaulding
J. D. Lawson
Process Design Engineering: A Methodology for Real-Time Software Development /Gaulding, 1976/
R. G. Koppang Process Design System: An Integrated Set of Software Development Tools /Koppang, 1976/
Friedrich L. Bauer Programming as an Evolutionary Process /Bauer, 1976/
Lehman, M. M.
F. N. Parr
Program Evolution and Its Impact on Software Engineering /Lehman, 1976/
Balzer, R.
Goldman, N. M.
David Wile
On the Transformational Implementation approach to programming /Balzer, 1976/

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