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ICSE: International Conference on Software Engineering  

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9th International Conference on Software Engineering

Monterey, California, USA. March 30 - April 2, 1987

ACM Press, ISBN 0-89791-216-0

Preference to sessions/panels/papers on software process technologies

Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Plenary Sessions
Osterweil, L.
Software Processes are Software Too /Osterweil, 1987/
Lehman, M. M.
Process Models, Process Programs, Programming Support - Invited Response To A Keynote Address By Lee Osterweil /Lehman, 1987/
Björner, D.
On the Use of Formal Methods in Software Development /Björner, 1987/
Stenning, V.
On the Role of an Environment /Stenning, 1987/
Panel: Understanding and Assessing the Software Process
Dowson, M.
Iteration in the Software Process: Review of the 3rd International Software Process Workshop /Dowson, 1987/
Panel: Empirical Studies of the Software Process
Curtis, B.
Herb Krasner
Vincent Y. Shen
Neil Iscoe
Panel: On Building Software Process Models Under the Lamppost /Curtis, 1987/
Panel: Software Process Management: Lessons Learned from History
Boehm, B.
Software Process Management: Lessons Learned from History /Boehm, 1987/
Benington, H.D. Production of Large Computer Programs /Benington, 1956/
W. A. Hosier Pitfalls and Safeguards in Real-Time Digital Systems with Emphasis on Programming /Hosier, 1987/
Walter W. Royce Managing the Development of Large Software Systems: Concepts and Techniques /Royce, 1970/
Panel: Appoaches to Improving Software Processes
Riddle, W.
Improving the Software Process /Riddle,1987/
Basili, V.
Rombach, D.
Tailoring the Software Process to Project Goals and Environments /Basili, 1987/
Measuring and Modeling the Software Process
Willa K. Ehrlich
T. J. Emerson
Modeling Software Failures and Reliability Growth During System Testing /Ehrlich, 1987/
Y. Miyazaki
N. Murakami
Software Metrics Using Deviation Value /Miyazaki, 1987/
Some Existing Software Process Models
Kaiser, G.
Feiler, P.
An Architecture for Intelligent Assistance in Software Development /Kaiser, 1987/
David P. Schwartz Software Evolution Management: An Integrated Discipline for Managing Software /Schwartz, 1987/
L. D. I. Serbanati Interform: A CAD System for Program Development /Serbanati, 1987/
Software Process Assessments and Improvements
J. C. Kelly
A Comparison of Four Design Methods for Real-Time Systems /Kelly, 1987/
Mitchell D. Lubars
Mehdi T. Harandi
Knowledge-Based Software Design Using Design Schemas /Lubars, 1987/
T. Nomura
Use of Software Engineering Tools in Japan /Nomura, 1987/
Karsten Schwan
Rajiv Ramnath
Sridhar Vasudevan
David Ogle
A System for Parallel Programming /Schwan, 1987/

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