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ICSE: International Conference on Software Engineering  

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11th International Conference on Software Engineering

Pittsburg, PA, USA. May 15-18, 1989

IEEE Computer Society / ACM Press, 1989, ISBN 0-8186-1941-4

Only sessions on software process technologies

Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Process Assessment
Salah Bendifallah
Scacchi, W.
Work Structures and Shifts: An Empirical Analysis of Software Specification Teamwork /Bendifallah, 1989/
DeMarco, T.
Tim Lister
Software Development: State of the Art vs. State of the Practice /DeMarco, 1989/
Humphrey, W.S.
Kitson, D.
Tim C. Kasse
The State of Software Engineering Practice: A Preliminary Report /Humphrey, 1989b/
Process Modeling
Yves Bernard
Pierre Lavency
A Process-Oriented Approach to Configuration Management /Bernard Y., 1989/
Humphrey, W.S.
Kellner, M.
Software Process Modeling: Principles of Entity Process Models /Humphrey, 1989c/
Katayama, T.
Hierarchical and Functional Software Process Description and Its Enaction /Katayama, 1989b/

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