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ICSE: International Conference on Software Engineering  

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17th International Conference on Software Engineering

Seattle, Washington, USA. April 23-30, 1995

ACM Press, 1995, ISBN 0-89791-708-1

Only sessions on software process technologies

Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Process I
Cook, J.
Wolf, A.
Automating Process Discovery through Event-Data Analysis /Cook, 1995/
Barghouti, N.
Krishnamurthy, B.
Using Event Contexts and Matching Constraints to Monitor Software Processes /Barghouti, 1995/
Process II
Cattaneo, F.
Fuggetta, A.
Lavazza, L.
An experience in process assessment /Cattaneo, 1995/
Toshifumi Tanaka
Sakamoto, K.
Kusumoto, S.
Ken-ichi Matsumoto
Kikuno, T.
Improvement of Software Process by Process Description and Benefit Estimation /Tanaka, 1995/
Briand, L.
Melo, W.
Seaman, C.
Basili, V.
Characterizing and Assessing a Large-Scale Software Maintenance Organization /Briand, 1995/
Process III
Boehm, B.
Bose, P.
Horowitz, E.
Ming June Lee
Software Requirements Negotiation and Renegotiation Aids: A Theory-W Based Spiral Approach /Boehm, 1995/
Leonhardt, U.
Finkelstein, A.
Kramer, J.
Nuseibeh, B.
Decentralised Process Enactment in a Multi-perspective Development Environment /Leonhardt, 1995/
Cugola, G.
Di Nitto, E.
Ghezzi, C.
M. Mantione
How to Deal With Deviations During Process Model Enactment /Cugola, 1995/

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