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ICSE: International Conference on Software Engineering  

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21st International Conference on Software Engineering

ICSE'99 Homepage

Los Angeles, USA. 16-22 May 1999

IEEE / ACM Press

Technical Papers

Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
2B. Architectures: Composition Techniques
Eric M. Dashofy
Medvidovic, N.
Taylor, R. N.
Using Off-The-Shelf Middleware to Implement Connectors in Distributed Software Architectures /Dashofy, 1999/
Di Nitto, E.
Rosenblum, D.
Exploiting ADLs to Specify Architectural Styles Induced by Middleware Infrastructures /DiNitto, 1999/
David J. Kasik
Conrad E. Kimball
Jimmie L. Felt
Kenneth B. Frazier
A Flexible Approach to Alliances of Complex Applications /Kasik, 1999/
2D. Metrics: Cost Estimation
Daniil Yakimovich
James M. Bieman
Basili, V.
Software architecture classification for estimating the cost of COTS integration /Yakimovich, 1999/
Briand, L.
El Eman, K.
Wieczorek, I.
Explaining the Cost of European Space and Military Projects /Briand, 1999/
Briand, L.
El Eman, K.
Dagmar Surmann
Wieczorek, I.
Katrina D. Maxwell
An Assessment and Comparison of Common Software Cost Estimation Modeling Techniques /Briand, 1999a/
3B. Architectures: Development Techniques
DeBaud, J. M.
Schmid, K.
A Systematic Approach to Derive the Scope of Software Product Lines /DeBaude, 1999/
Medvidovic, N.
Rosenblum, D.
Taylor, R. N.
A Language and Environment for Architecture-Based Software Development and Evolution /Medvidovic, 1999/
Rick Kazman
Mario Barbacci
Mark Klein
S. Jeromy Carrière
Steven G. Woods
Experience with Performing Architecture Tradeoff Analysis /Kazman, 1999/
3D. Metrics: Tools & Design
David Atkins
Ball, T.
Todd Graves
Mockus, A
Using Version Control Data to Evaluate the Impact of Software Tools /Atkins, 1999/
Saïda Benlarbi
Melo, W.
Polymorphism Measures for Early Risk Prediction /Benlarbi, 1999/
Briand, L.
Jürgen Wüst
Stefan V. Ikonomovski
Hakim Lounis
Investigating Quality Factors in Object-Oriented Designs /Briand, 1999b/
4B. Widescale Computing
Woodman, M.
Griffiths, R
Malcolm Macgregor
Simon Holland
Robinson, H.
Exploiting Smalltalk Modules In A Customizable Programming Environment /Woodman, 1999/
Abowd, G.
Software Engineering Issues for Ubiquitous Computing /Abowd, 1999/
Herbsleb, J.
Rebecca E. Grinter
Splitting the Organization and Integrating the Code: Conway's Law Revisited /Herbsleb, 1999a/
4D. Evolution
Jackson, D.
Allison Waingold
Lightweight Extraction of Object Models from Bytecode /Jackson D., 1999/
Cook, J.
Jeffrey A. Dage
Highly Reliable Upgrading of Components /Cook, 1999/
Ernst, M.
Jake Cockrell
Griswold, W.
Notkin, D.
Dynamically Discovering Likely Program Invariants to Support Program Evolution /Ernst, 1999/
6B. Program Composition
Robert DeLine
Avoiding Packaging Mismatch with Flexible Packaging /DeLine, 1999/
Tarr, P.

Ossher, H.
Harrison, W.
Sutton, S. M.
N Degrees of Separation: Multi-Dimentional Separation of Concerns /Tarr, 1999/
Robert J. Walker
Elisa L.A. Baniassad
Murphy, G.
An Initial Assessment of Aspect-oriented Programming /Walker, 1999/
6D. Program Analysis
Akira Nishimatsu
Minoru Jihira
Kusumoto, S.
Inoue, K.
Call-Mark Slicing: An Efficient and Economical Way of Reducing Slice /Nishimatsu, 1999/
Saurabh Sinha
Harrold, M. J.
Rothermel, G.
System-Dependence-Graph-Based Slicing of Programs With Arbitrary Interprocedural Control Flow /Sinha, 1999/
Jyh-shiarn Yur
Ryder, B.
William A. Landi
An Incremental Flow- and Context-sensitive Pointer Aliasing Analysis /Yur, 1999/
7B. Reuse & Browsing
Mike Mannion
Barry Keepence
Hermann Kaindl
Joe Wheadon
Reusing Single System Requirements from Application Family Requirements /Mannion, 1999/
Michail, A.
Notkin, D.
Assessing Software Libraries by Browsing Similar Classes, Functions, and Relationships /Michail, 1999/
Devanbu, P.
Y-F. Chen
E. Gansner
Müller, H.
J. Martin
CHIME: Customizable Hyperlink Insertion and Maintenance Engine for Software Engineering Environments /Devanbu, 1999/
7D. Specification & Verification
Gannod, G.
Cheng, B.H.C.
A Specification Matching Based Approach to Reverse Engineering Gannod, 1999/
Naumovich, G.
Avrunin, G.
Clarke, L.
Data Flow Analysis for Checking Properties of Concurrent Java Programs /Naumovich, 1999a/
Dwyer, M.
Avrunin, G.
Corbett, J.
Patterns in Property Specifications for Finite-State Verification /Dwyer, 1999/
8B. Distributed Systems
Holder, O.
Ben-Shaul, I.
Gazit, H.
Dynamic Layout of Distributed Applications in FarGo /Holder, 1999/
Hall, R.
Heimbigner, D.
Wolf, A.
A Cooperative Approach to Support Software Deployment Using the Software Dock /Hall, 1999/
Sullivan, K.
John C. Knight
Xing Du
Steve Geist
Information Survivability Control Systems /Sullivan, 1999/
8D. Model Checking
Dang, Z.
Kemmerer, R.
Using the ASTRAL Model Checker to Analyze Mobile IP /Dang, 1999/
William Chan
Richard J. Anderson
Paul Beame
David H. Jones
Notkin, D.
William E. Warner
Decoupling Synchronization from Logic Control for Efficient Symbolic Model Checking of Statecharts /Chan, 1999/
David S. Keyes
Dillon, L. K.
Moon Jung Chung
Analysis of a Scheduler for a CAD Framework /Keyes, 1999/
9C. Reverse Engineering
Keller, R. K.
Reinhard Schauer
Sébastien Robitaille
Patrick Pagé
Pattern-Based Reverse-Engineering of Design Components /Keller R., 1999/
Katsuhisa Maruyama
Ken-ichi Shima
Automatic Method Refactoring Using Weighted Dependence Graphs /Maruyama, 1999/
Arie van Deursen
Tobias Kuipers
Identifying Objects using Cluster and Concept Analysis /van Deursen, 1999/
9D. Agents, Mobility & Interoperability
Yasuyuki Tahara
Akihiko Ohsuga
Shinichi Honiden
Agent System Development Method Based on Agent Patterns /Tahara, 1999/
Picco, G. P.
Murphy, A.
Roman , G.-C.
LIME: Linda Meets Mobility /Picco, 1999/
Borgida, A.
Devanbu, P.
Adding more "DL" to IDL: towards more knowledgeable component inter-operability /Borgida, 1999a/
10B. State of the Art of Software Model Checking
Gerard J. Holzmann
Margaret H. Smith
A Practical Method for Verifying Event-Driven Software /Holzmann, 1999/
10C. Testing
Atif M. Memon
Martha E. Pollack
Soffa, M. L.
Using a Goal-driven Approach to Generate Test Cases for GUIs /Memon, 1999/
L. du Bousquet
F. Ouabdesselam
J.-L. Richier
N. Zuanon
Lutess: a Specification-driven Testing Environment for Synchronous Software /du Bousquet, 1999/
Christina Pavlopoulou
Young, M.
Residual Test Coverage Monitoring /Pavlopoulou, 1999/
S.R. Dalal
A. Jain
N. Karunanithi
J.M. Leaton
Lott, C. M.
G.C. Patton
B.M. Horowitz
Model-Based Testing in Practice /Dalal, 1999/
10D. Inspections, Debugging, & Prototyping
Alastair Reid
John Peterson
Greg Hager
Paul Hudak
Prototyping Real-Time Vision Systems: An Experiment in DSL Design /Reid, 1999/
Laitenberger, O.
Atkinson, C.
Generalizing Perspective-based Inspection to handle Object-Oriented Development Artifacts /Laitenberger, 1999/
Mireille Ducassé Coca: An automated Debugger for C /Ducassé, 1999, 1999/

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