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ICSE: International Conference on Software Engineering  

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22nd International Conference on Software Engineering

ICSE'00 Homepage

Limerick, Ireland. June 4-11, 2000.

TP Technical Papers
FoSE Future of Software Engineering
PETT Practical Experience and Technology Transfer
TRD Teaching and Research Demos

Plenary Session

Author(s) Contribution
S 1: Plenary Session (07/June 9:00-10:45)
Castells, M. Is The New Economy Socially Sustainable?
S 3: Plenary Session Awards Presentation (07/June 14:15-15:15)
S 6: Plenary Session (08/June 9:00-10:00)
Booch, G.
The Future of Software
S 9: Plenary Session (08/June 14:15-15:15)
Chris Horn
Founder and CEO of IONA Technologies plc., Ireland.
Dot.Com Versus Bricks and Mortar The Impact of Portal Technology
S 12: Plenary Session (09/June 9:00-10:00)
van Lamsweerde, A.
Requirement Engineering in the Year 00: A Research Perspective
S 17: Plenary Session: ICSE Summary and Prospects (09/June 16:45-17:15)

TP: Technical Papers

Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
S 2.1: (TP): Components and COTS (07/June 11:45-12:45)
Crnkovic, I.
Larsson, M.
A Case Study: Demands on Component-based Development /Crnkovic, 2000/
Morisio, M.
Seaman, C.
Parra, A.
Basili, V.
Condon, S.
Kraft, S.
Investigating and Improving a COTS-Based Software Development Process /Morisio, 2000/
Balk, L. D.
Kedia, A.
PPT: A COTS Integration Case Study /Balk, 2000/
S2.2 (TP): Software Architectures and Product Families (07/June 11:15-12:45)
Wijnstra, J. G. Supporting Diversity with Component Frameworks as Architectural Entities /Wijnstra, 2000/
Kuusela, J.
Savolainen, J.
Requirements Engineering for Product Families /Kuusela, 2000/
Pisan, Y.
Extending Requirement Specifications Using Analogy /Pisan, 2000/
S2.5 (Technical Panel): Impact of Software Engineering Research upon Practice (07/June 11:15-12:45) - Osterweil, L.
S4.1 (TP): New Perspectives on Software Engineering (07/June 15:30-16:30)
Bryant, A. It's Engineering Jim but not as we know it': Software Engineering - solution to the software crisis, or part of the problem? /Bryant, 2000/
Widmaier, J.
Smidts, C.
Huang, X.
Producing More Reliable Software: Mature Software Engineering Process vs. State-of-the-Art Technology? /Widmaier, 2000/
S4.2 (TP): Data Analysis (07/June 15:30-16:30)
Brewer, R.
Improving Problem-Oriented Mailing List Archives with MCS /Brewer, 2000/
Andrews, J.
Zhang, Y.
Broad-Spectrum Studies of Log File Analysis /Andrews, 2000/
S5.1 (TP): Testing I (07/June 17:00-18:30)
Leon, D.
Podgurski, A.
White, L.
Multivariate Visualization in Observation-Based Testing /Leon, 2000/
Kim, J.-K.
Porter, A.
Rothermel, G.
An Empirical Study of Regression Test Application Frequency /Kim, 2000/
Labiche, Y.
Thevenod-Fosse, P.
Durand, M.-H.
Testing Levels for Object-Oriented Software /Labiche, 2000/
S5.2 (TP): Evolution and Reuse (07/June 17:00-18:30)
Rausch, A.
Software Evolution in Componentware Using Requirements/Assurances Contracts /Rausch, 2000/
Chmiel, S. F.
Gottumukkala, R.
Zhang, L.
Mili, A.
An Integrated Cost Model for Software Reuse /Chmiel, 2000/
Michail, A.
Data Mining Library Reuse Patterns using Generalized Association Rules /Michail, 2000/
S5.5 (SEAT Panel): Shortages of Qualified Software Engineering Faculty and Practitioners: Challenges in Breaking the Cycle
S7.1 (TP): Component-Based Systems (08/June 10:15-11:15)
Mehta, N.
Medvidovic, N.
Phadke, S.
Towards a Taxonomy of Software Connectors /Mehta, 2000/
Coen-Porisini, A.
Pradella, M.
Rossi, M.
Mandrioli, D.
A Formal Approach for Designing CORBA-Based Applications /Coen-Porisini, 2000/
S7.2 (SEAT technical papers): Software Engineering Training (08/June 10:15-11:15)
Drappa, A.
Ludewig , J.
Simulation in Software Engineering Training /Drappa, 2000/
Dawson, R. Twenty Dirty Tricks to Train Software Engineers /Dawson, 2000/
S8.1 (TP): Testing II (08/June 11:45-12:45)
Bertolino, A.
Corradini, F.
Inverardi, P.
Muccini, H.
Deriving Test Plans from Architectural Descriptions /Bertolino, 2000/
Rothermel, K. J.
Cook, C. R.
Burnett, M. M.
Schonfeld, J.
Green, T.R.G.
Rothermel, G.
WYSIWYT Testing in the Spreadsheet Paradigm: An Empirical Evaluation /Rothermel, 2000/
S8.2 (TP): Software Architecture (08/June 11:45-12:45)
Koehler, H.
Nickel, U.
Niere, J.
Zündorf, A.
Integrating UML Diagrams for Production Control Systems /Koehler, 2000/
Anderson, G. E.
Graham, T. C. N.
Wright, T. N.
Dragonfly: Linking Conceptual and Implementation Architectures of Multiuser Interactive Systems /Anderson, G.E., 2000/
S10.1 (TP): Open Source and Software Markets (08/June 15:30-16:30)
Mockus, A
Fielding, R.
Herbsleb, J.
A Case Study of Open Source Software Development: The Apache Server /Mockus, 2000/
Coppit, D.
Sullivan, K.
Multiple Mass Market Applications as Components /Coppit, 2000/
S11.1 (TP): System Model Derivation (08/June 17:00-18:30)
Alur, R.
Etessami, K.
Yannakakis, M.
Inference of Message Sequence Charts /Alur, 2000/
Whittle, J.
Schumann, J.
Generating Statechart Designs From Scenarios /Whittle, 2000/
Subramaniam, G. Object Model Resurrection - An Object-Oriented Software Maintenance Activity /Subramaniam, 2000/
S11.2 (TP): Model Checking (08/June 17:00-18:30)
Tevfik Bultan Action Language: A Specification Language for Model Checking Reactive Systems /Bultan, 2000/
Dang, Z.
Kemmerer, R.
Three Approximation Techniques for ASTRAL Symbolic Model Checking of Infinite State Real-time System /Dang, 2000/
S13.1 (TP): Program Analysis I (09/June 10:15-11:15)
Hayes, J.
Griswold, W.
Moskovics, S.
Component Design of Retargetable Program Analysis Tools that Reuse Intermediate Representations /Hayes, J., 2000/
Liang , D.
Harrold, M.J.
Towards Efficient and Accurate Program Analysis Using Light-Weight Context Recovery /Liang , 2000/
S13.2 (TP): Empirical Studies (09/June 10:15-11:15)
Briand, L.
Langley, T.
Wieczorek, I.
Using the European Space Agency Data Set: A Replicated Assessment of Common Software Cost Estimation Techniques /Briand, 2000/
Mizuno, O.
Kikuno, T.
Takagi, Y.

Sakamoto, K.
Characterization of Risky Projects Based on Project Managers' Evaluation /Mizuno, 2000/
S14.1 (TP): Web-Based Systems (09/June 11:45-12:45)
Emmerich, W.
Mascolo, C.
Finkelstein, A.
Implementing Incremental Code Migration with XML /Emmerich, 2000/
Fielding, R.
Taylor, R. N.
Principled Design of the Modern Web Architecture /Fielding, 2000/
S14.2 (TP): Case Studies (09/June 11:45-12:45)
Lippert, M.
Lopes, C.
A Study on Exception Detection and Handling Using Aspect-Oriented Programming /Lippert, 2000/
Leszak, M. Stoll
Perry, D.
Stoll, D.
A Case Study in Root Cause Defect Analysis /Leszak, 2000/
S15.1 (TP): Program Analysis II (09/June 14:15-15:15)
Corbett, J.
Dwyer, M.
Hatcliff, J.
Laubach, S.
Pasareanu, C.
Zheng, H.
Bandera: Extracting Finite-State Models from Java Source Code /Corbett, 2000/
Ernst, M.
Czeisler, A.
Griswold, W.
Notkin, D.
Quickly Detecting Relevant Program Invariants /Ernst, 2000/
S15.2 (TP): Review and Inspection Techniques (09/June 14:15-15:15)
d'Astous, P.
Robillard, M.
Characterizing Implicit Information During Peer Review Meetings /d'Astous, 2000/
Dunsmore, A.
Roper, M.
Wood, M.
Object-Oriented Inspection in the Face of Delocalization /Dunsmore, 2000/
S16.1 (TP): Verification and Proofs (09/June 15:30-16:30)
Keidar, I.
Khazan, R.
Lynch, N.
Shvartsman, A.
An Inheritance-Based Technique for Building Simulation Proofs Incrementally /Keidar, 2000/
Penix, J.
Visser, W.
Engstrom, E.
Larson, A.
Weininger, N.
Verification of Time Partitioning in the DEOS Scheduler Kernel /Penix, 2000/
S16.2 (TP): Visual Techniques (09/June 15:30-16:30)
Magee, J.
Pryce, N.
Giannakopoulou, D.
Kramer, J.
Graphical Animation of Behavior Models /Magee, 2000/
Gurr, C.
Tourlas, K.
On the Design and Use of Diagrams in Software Engineering /Gurr, 2000/

FoSE: Futute of Software Engineering

Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
SE 2.3: (FoSE): Reasoning and Representation (07/June 11:45-12:45)
Jackson, D.
Rinard, M.
Reasoning & Analysis: A Roadmap /Jackson D., 2000/
Van Lamsweerde, A.
Formal Specification: A Roadmap /Van Lamsweerde, 2000/
Maibaum, T.
Mathematical Foundations of Software Engineering: A Roadmap /Maibaum, 2000/
S4.3 (FoSE): Infrastructure I (07/June 15:30-16:30)
Harrison, W.
Ossher, H.
Tarr, P.

Software Engineering Tools and Environments: A Roadmap /Harrison, 2000/
Estublier, J.
Software Configuration Management: A Roadmap /Estublier, 2000a/
S5.3 (FoSE): Process I (07/June 17:00-18:30)
Fuggetta, A.
Software Process: A Roadmap /Fuggetta, 2000/
Nuseibeh, B.
Requirements Engineering: A Roadmap /Nuseibeh, 2000/
Müller, H.
Jahnke, J.
Smith, Dennis
Storey, M.-A.
Tilley, S.
Wong, K.
Reverse Engineering: A Roadmap /Muller, 2000/
S7.3 (FoSE): Methods I (08/June 10:15-11:15)
Boehm, B.
Sullivan, K.
Software Economics: A Roadmap /Boehm, 2000/
Perry, D.
Porter, A.
Votta, L.
Empirical Studies of Software Engineering: A Roadmap /Perry, 2000/
S8.3 (FoSE): Methods II (08/June 11:45-12:45)
Fenton, N.
Neil, M.
Software Metrics: A Roadmap /Fenton, 2000/
Shaw, M.
Software Engineering Education: A Roadmap /Shaw, 2000/
S10.3 (FoSE): Process II (08/June 15:30-16:30)
Harrold, M. J.
Testing: A Roadmap /Harrold, 2000/
Bennett, K.
Rajlich, V.
Software Maintenance and Evolution: A Roadmap /Bennett, 2000/
S11.3 (FoSE): Components and Structure (08/June 17:00-18:30)
Garlan, D.
Software Architecture: A Roadmap /Garlan, 2000/
Engels, G.
Groenewegen, L.
Object-Oriented Modeling: A Roadmap /Engels, 2000/
Emmerich, W.
Software Engineering for Middleware: A Roadmap /Emmerich, 2000a/
S13.3 (FoSE): Properties I (09/June 10:15-11:15)
Littlewood, B.
Strigini, L.
Software Reliability & Dependability: A Roadmap /Littlewood, 2000/
Pooley, R.
Software Engineering for Performance: A Roadmap /Pooley, 2000/
S14.3 (FoSE): Properties II (09/June 11:45-12:45)
Kopetz, H.
Software Engineering for Real-time: A Roadmap /Kopetz, 2000/
Lutz, R.
Software Engineering for Safety: A Roadmap /Lutz, 2000/
S15.3 (FoSE): Properties III (09/June 14:15-15:15)
Devanbu, P.
Stubblebine, S.
Software Engineering for Security: A Roadmap /Devanbu, 2000/
Roman , G.-C.
Murphy, A.
Picco, G. P.
Software Engineering for Mobility: A Roadmap /Roman, 2000/
S16.3 (FoSE): Infrastructure II (09/June 15:30-16:30)
Dittrich, K.
Tombros, D.
Geppert, A.
Databases in Software Engineering: A Roadmap /Dittrich, 2000/
Bompani, L.
Ciancarini, P.
Vitali, F.
Software Engineering on the Internet: A Roadmap /Bompani, 2000/

PETT: Practical Experience and Technology Transfer

Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
S2.4 (PETT): Technology Transfer "in the large" (07/June 11:15-12:45)
Curtis, B.
From MCC to CMM: Technology Transfer Wars Lost and Won /Curtis, 2000/
Rombach, D.
Fraunhofer: The German Model for Applied Research and Technology Transfer /Rombach, 2000/
Discussion: What are the Success Criteria for Technology Transfer? - Does Culture Matter?
S4.4 (PETT): Professionalization of Software Engineering (07/June 15:30-16:30)
Grimson, J. B.
Kugler, H.-J.
Software Needs Engineering /Grimson, 2000/
Morrogh, P. Is Software Education Narrowminded? /Morrogh, 2000/
S5.4 (PETT): Panel: Component-Based Software Engineering and the Issue of Trust (07/June 17:00-18:30)
Heineman, G.
Bill Councill (Texas Quintessence Corporation)
Janet S. Flynt (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc)
Éoin Redmond (Mannatech, Inc)
John R. Speed (former Executive Director of Texas Board of Professional Engineers)
Shaw, M.
S7.4 (PETT): Experience with a Product Line and Family Approach (08/June 10:15-11:15)
Gannod, G.
Lutz, R.
An Approach to Architectural Analysis of Product Lines /Gannod, 2000/
Schmid, K.
Becker-Kornstaedt, U.
Knauber, P.
Bernauer, F.
Introducing a Software Modeling Concept in a Medium-Sized Company /Schmid, 2000a/
S8.4 (PETT): Technology Transfer as Explicit Business and Process Issue (08/June 11:45-12:45)
Colyer, A. M. From Research to Reward: Challenges in Technology Transfer /Colyer, 2000/
Tetsuto Nishiyama
Kunihiko Ikeda
Toru Niwa
Technology Transfer Macro-Process - A Practical Guide for the Effective Introduction of Technology /Nishiyama, 2000/
S10.4 (PETT): Support for Effective Project Estimation (08/June 15:30-16:30)
Stan Rifkin When the Project Absolutely Must Get Done: Marrying the Organization Chart with the Precedence /Rifkin, 2000/
Eduardo Miranda An Evaluation of the Paired Comparison Method for Software Sizing /Miranda, 2000/
S11.4 (PETT): Technology Transfer in the Internet World (08/June 17:00-18:30)
Glorianna Davenport Technology Transfer: Leakage or Control? /Davenport, 2000/
Barry Murphy Grow Fast - Grow Global: How the Irish Software Industry Evolved to this Business Model /Murphy, 2000/
S13.4 (PETT): From Research to Business Success I (09/June 10:15-11:15)
Sean Baker The Making of Orbix and the iPortal Suite /Baker, 2000/
S14.4 (PETT): Practical Experience: Company Case Studies I (09/June 11:45-12:45)
Frank Titze Improvement of Configuration Management System /Titze, 2000/
Kautz, K.
Henrik Westergaard Hansen
Kim Thaysen
Applying and Adjusting a Software Process Improvement Model in Practice: The Use of the IDEAL Model in a Small Software Enterprise /Kautz, 2000
S15.4 (PETT): Practical Experience: Company Case Studies II (09/June 14:45-15:15)
Fran O'Hara European Experiences with Software Process Improvement /O'Hara, 2000/
Antonio Caliò
Massimo Autiero
Giuseppe Bux
Software Process Improvement by Object Technology (ESSI PIE 27785 - SPOT) /Caliò, 2000/

TRD: Teaching and Research Demos

Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
S4.5 (TRD): Teaching and Research Demos (07/June 15:30-16:30)
Moore, C. Lessons Learned from Teaching Reflective Software Engineering using the Leap Toolkit /Moore, C., 2000/
Edwards, S. Can Quality Graduate Software Engineering Courses Really Be Delivered Asynchronously On-line? /Edwards, 2000/
S7.5 (TRD): Teaching and Research Demos (08/June 10:15-11:15)
Jackson, D.
Schechter, I.
Shlyakhter, I.
Alcoa: The Alloy Constraint Analyzer /Jackson D., 2000a/
Ossher, H.
Tarr, P.
Hyper/J(tm): Multi Dimensional Separation of Concern for Java(tm) /Ossher, 2000/
S8.5 (TRD): Teaching and Research Demos (08/June 11:45-12:45)
Nathalie Poerwantoro
El Saddik, A.
Krämer, B.
Steinmetz, R.
Multibook's Test Environment /Poerwantoro, 2000/
George Birbilis
Manolis Koutlis
Kriton Kyrimis
George Tsironis
George Vasiliou
E-Slate: A software architectural style for end-user /Birbilis, 2000/
S10.5 (TRD): Teaching and Research Demos (08/June 15:30-16:30)
David A. Marca
Beth A. Perdue
A Software Engineering Approach and Tool Set for Developing Internet Applications /Marca, 2000
Nickel, U.
Niere, J.
Zündorf, A.
The FUJABA Environment /Nickel, 2000/
S13.5 (TRD): Teaching and Research Demos (09/June 10:15-11:15)
Cattaneo, F.
Di Nitto, E.
Fuggetta, A.
Lavazza, L.
Valetto, G.
Managing Software Artifacts on the Web with Labyrinth /Cattaneo, 2000/
Coppit, D.
Sullivan, K.
Galileo: A Tool Built from Mass-Market Applications /Coppit, 2000a/
S14.5 (TRD): Teaching and Research Demos (09/June 11:45-12:45)
Sharp, H.
Pat Hall
An Interactive Multimedia Software House Simulation for postgraduate Software Engineers /Sharp, 2000/
Sita Ramakrishan LIGHTVIEWS - Visual Interactive Internet Environment for Learning OO Software Testing /Ramakrishan, 2000/
S15.5 (TRD): Teaching and Research Demos (09/June 14:15-15:15)
Aaron G. Cass
Lerner, B. S.
McCall, E.
Osterweil, L.
Sutton, S. M.
Wise, A.
Little-JIL/Juliette: A Process Definition Language and Interpreter /Cass, 2000/
Marlon E. R. Vieira
Marcio S. Dias
Richardson, D.
Analyzing Software Architectures with Argus-I /Vieira, 2000/
S16.5 (TRD): Teaching and Research Demos (09/June 15:30-16:30)
Corbett, J.
Dwyer, M.
Hatcliff, J.
Bandera: A Source-level Interface for Model Checking Java Programs /Corbett, 2000a/
Picco, G. P.
Murphy, A.
Roman , G.-C.
Developing Mobile Computing Applications with LIME /Picco, 2000/

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