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ICSP 3 - 3rd International Conference on Software Process  


ICSP 3 - 3rd International Conference on Software Process

October 10-11, Reston. USA, 1994.

General Chair: Perry, D.


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Bandinelli, S.
Di Nitto, E.
Fuggetta, A.
Policies and Mechanisms to Support Process Evolution in PSEEs /Bandinelli, 1994a/
Jamart, P.
Van Lamsweerde, A.
A Reflective Approach to Process Model Customization, Enactment and Evolution /Jamart, 1994/
Cook, J.
Wolf, A.
Toward Metrics for Process Validation /Cook, 1994/
Boehm, B.
Bose, P.
A Collaborative Spiral Software Process Model Based on Theory W /Boehm, 1994a/
Humphrey, W.S. The Personal Process in Software Engineering /Humphrey, 1994a/
Culver-Lozo, K.
Rapid Iteration in Software Process Improvement: Experience Report /Culver-Lozo, 1994/
Inoue, K.
Watanabe, A.
Iida, H.
Torii, K.
Modeling Method for Management Process and Its Application to CMM and ISO9000-3 /Inuoue, 1994/
Barghouti, N.
Rosenblum, D.
A Case Study in Modeling a Human-Intensive, Corporate Software Process /Barghouti, 1994/
Madhavji, N.
Hoeltje, D.
Hong, W.
Bruckhaus, T.
Elicit: An Empirically Improved Method for Eliciting Process Models /Madhavji, 1994/
Ballman, K.
Votta, L.
Organizational Congestion in Large-Scale Software Development /Ballman, 1994/
Song, X.
Osterweil, L.
Engineering Software Design Processes to Guide Process Execution /Song, 1994/
Armitage, J.
Kellner, M.
A Conceptual Schema for Process Definitions and Models /Armitage, 1994a/
Nguyen, M.
Conradi, R.
The Software Meta-process: Taxonomy and Assessment /Nguyen, 1994/

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