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ICSP 4 - 4th International Conference on Software Process  


ICSP 4 - 4th International Conference on Software Process

December 2-6, 1996. Brighton, England.


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Emmerich, W.
Bandinelli, S.
Lavazza, L.
Arlow, J.
Fine Grained Process Modelling: An Experiment at Brittish Airways /Emmerich, 1996/
de Bunje, T.
Matsinger, A.
Engels, G.
Groenewegen, L.
Rijnbeek, M.
Industrial maintenance modelled in SOCCA: an experience report /de Bunje, 1996a/
Dandekar, A.
Perry, D.
Votta, L.
A Study in Process Simplification /Dandekar, 1996/
Kellner, M.
A method for designing, defining and evolving software process /Kellner, 1996/
Madhavji, N.
Pérez, G.
El Eman, K.
A system for evaluating the congruence of software process models /Madhavji, 1996/
Montangero, C.
Semini, L.
Applying refinement calcull to software process modelling /Montangero, 1996/
Bolcer G.A.
Taylor, R. N..
Endearvors: A Process System Integration Infrastructure /Bolcer, 1996/
Kaiser, G.
Dossick, S.
A Metalinguistic Approach to Process Enactment Extensibility /Kaiser, 1996a/
Avrilionis, D.
Cunin, P.-Y.
Belkhatir, N..
A Unified Framework for Software Process Enactement and Improvement /Avrilionis, 1996a/
El Eman, K.
Shostak, B.
Madhavji, N.
Implementing Concepts from the Personal Software Process in an Industrial Setting /El Eman, 1996/
Kautz, K.
Improvement approaches in Norway: a survey-based study /Kautz, 1996/
El Eman, K.
Goldenson, D.
Marshall, P.
Inter-rater agreement in SPICE - based assessments: some preliminary results /El Eman, 1996a/

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