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ICSP 5 - 5th International Conference on Software Process  


ICSP 5 - 5th International Conference on Software Process

Computer Supported Organizational Work

June 15-17, 1998. Chicago, USA.

General Chair: Perry, D.


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Kellner, M.
Becker-Kornstaedt, U.
Riddle, W.
Tomal, J.
Verlage, M.
Process Guides: Effective Guidance for Process Participants /Kellner, 1998/
Plihon, V.
Ralyte, J.
Benjamen, A.
Maiden, N.A.M.
Sutcliffe, A.
Dubois, E.
Heymans, P.
A Reuse-Oriented Approach for the Construction of Scenario Based Methods /Plihon, 1998/
Wang, E.Y.
Cheng, B.H.C.
A Rigorous Object-Oriented Design Process /Wang E., 1998/
Verlage M.
Kiesgen, T.
From Process Design to Process Implementation /Verlage, 1998c/
Debenham, J.
Experiments with Two Workflow Architectures /Debenham, 1998/
Kammer, P.J.
Bolcer G. A.
Taylor, R. N.
Hitomi, A.S.
Supporting Distributed Workflow Using HTTP /Kammer, 1998/
Cook, J.
Wolf, A.
Balboa: A Framework for Event-Based Process Data Analysis /Cook, 1998a/
Roche, J.M.
Jackson, M.
Building Software under the Lamppost of Process Measurement /Roche, 1998/
Boehm, B.
Egyed, A.
WinWin Requirements Negotiation Processes: A Multi-Project Analysis /Boehm, 1998a/
Estublier, J.
Cunin, P.-Y.
Belkhatir, N.
Amiour, M.
Dami, S.
Architectures for Process Support System Interoperability /Estublier, 1998a/
Alloui, I.
Oquendo, F.
ItascaFlow: An Active Database Framework for Adaptive Workflow Process Modelling, Enactment and Interoperability /Alloui, 1998a/
Marttiin, P.
How to support CASE activities through fully customisable process models: Experiments of CPME/MetaEdit+ using VPL formalism and ISPW-6 example /Marttiin, 1998/

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