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International Process Technology Workshop  

IPTW International Process Technology Workshop

September 1-3, 1999. Villars de Lans, France


General Chair: Estublier, J.


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Session: Architecture - Bussler, C.
Grefen, P. Advanced Architectures for Transactional Workflows or Advanced Transactions in Workflow /Grefen, 1999/
Kaiser, G.
Stone, A.
Dossick, S.
A Mobile Agent Approach to Lightweight Process Workflow /Kaiser, 1999/
Bussler, C.
Extension Architecture for Workflow Management /Bussler, 1999/
Ramampiaro, H.
Divitini, M.
Agent-based groupware: Challenges for cooperative transaction models /Ramampiaro, 1999/
Seffah, A.
Belkhatir, N.
An Architecture Framework for Process Support and Distribution over the Internet /Seffah, 1999/
Shan, M.-C. FlowJet: Internet-based E-Service Process Management /Shan, 1999/
Session: Process Middleware - Greffen, P.
Dadam, P. On the Design, Implementation, and Maintenance of Enterprise-wide Transactional Workflow Applications for Advanced Environments: Challenges and Open Issues /Dadam, 1999/
Estublier, J.
Is a Process Formalism an ADL? /Estublier, 1999/
Alonso, G.
OPERA: Design and Programming Paradigm for Heterogeneous Distributed Applications /Alonso, 1999/
Bolusset, T.
Oquendo, F.
Verjus, H.
Software Component-based federations architectures are software architectures too /Bolusset, 1999/
Canos, J.
From Software Process to Workflow Process: the Workflow Life Cycle /Canos, 1999/
Session: Modelling Formalisms - Perry, D.
Osterweil, L.
A Proposal for Scientific Approach to Comparative Evaluation of Process Definition Formalisms /Osterweil, 1999/
Kruchten, P.
Unified Process Models (UPM). A Model of the Rational Unified Process /Kruchten, 1999/
Franch, X.
Ribo, J.
Some Reflections in the Modelling of Software Processes /Franch, 1999/
Session: Applications and Collaboration - Gustavo Alonso
Tombros, D.
Dittrich, K.
Workflow Management for the Virtual Enterprise /Tombros, 1999/
Perry, D.
Collaboration Support in Multi-Site Software Development /Perry, 1999/
Georgakopoulos, D.
Collaboration of Process Management for Advanced Applications /Georgakopoulos, 1999/
Tiako, P.
Derniame, J.-C.
Modelling Trusted Process Components for Distributed Software Development /Tiako, 1999b/
Session: Process Capture and Process Execution - Chair: Estublier, J.
Godart, C.
Molli, P.
Perin, O.
Modelling and Enacting Process: Some Difficulties /Godart, 1999/
Gruhn, V.
Wellen, U.
Software Process Landscaping: An Approach to Structure Complex Software Processes /Gruhn, 1999/
Becattini, F.
Di Nitto, E.
Fuggetta, A.
Valetto, G.
Exploiting MOOs to Support Multiple Views for Software Process Support /Becattini, 1999/
Session: Process Evolution - Chair: Estublier, J.
Aberer, K.
Workflow Systems Evolution in Response to Changing Organizational Requirements. Blending Coordination with Market-based Cooperation /Aberer, 1999/
Herbst, J.
Induction: A Solution for the Acquisition and Adaptation of Workflow Models? /Herbst, 1999/
Greenwood, R.M.
Robertson, I.
Warboys, B.
Yeomans, B.
An evolutionary approach to Process System Development /Greenwood, 1999/
Alloui, I.
Oquendo, F.
To be consistent or not to be consistent in cooperative software processes, that is the question /Alloui, 1999/

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