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4th. International Software Process Workshop  


4th. International Software Process Workshop

Moretonhampstead,Devon, UK. May, 1988

Tully, C. (Ed.)


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Ashok, V.
Ramanathan, J.
Sarkar, S.
Venugopal, V.
Process modelling in software environments /Ashok, 1988/
Balzer, R.
Process programming: passing into new phase /Balzer, 1988/
Boehm, B.
Belz, F.
Applying process programming to the spiral model /Boehm, 1988b/
Cheatham, T.
Activity coordination programs /Cheatham, 1988/
Chroust, G.
Duplicate instances of elements of a software process model /Chroust, 1988/
Fernström, C.
Design considerations for process-driven software environments /Fernström, 1988/
Finkelstein, A.
Fuks, H.
Niskier, C.
Sadler, M.
Constructing a dialogic framework for software development /Finkelstein, 1988/
Fritsch, C. A.
Perry, Doyt L.
A manager/controller for the software development process /Fritsch, 1988/
Hitchcock, P.
The process model of the aspect IPSE /Hitchcock, 1988/
Huff, K.E.
Probing limits to automation: towards deeper process models /Huff, 1988a/
Humphrey, W.S.
The software engineering process: definition and scope /Humphrey, 1988/
Kaiser, G.
Rule-based modelling of the software development process /Kaiser, 1988/
Katayama, T.
A hierarchical and functional approach to software process description /Katayama, 1988/
Kellner, M.
Representation formalisms for software process modeling /Kellner, 1988/
Koomen, C.J.
Limits to the mechanization of the detailing step paradigm /Koomen, 1988/
Krzanik, L.
Enactable models for quantitative evolutionary software processes /Krzanik, 1988/
Lehman, M. M.
Some reservations on software process programming
/Lehman, 1988/
MacLean, R. I.
A functional paradigm for software development /MacLean, 1988/
Notkin, D.
Applying software process models to the full lifecycle is premature /Notkin, 1988/
Ohki, A.
Ochimizu, K.
Process programming with prolog /Ohki, 1988/
Osterweil, L. Automated Support for the Enactment of Rigourously Described Software Processes /Osterweil, 1988/
Perry, D.
Problems of scale and process models /Perry, 1988/
Phillips, R. W. State change architecture: a protocol for executable process models /Phillips, 1988/
Redwine, S. T.
Software reuse processes /Redwine, 1988/
Roberts, C.
Describing and Acting Process Models with PML /Roberts, 1988/
Rombach, D.
A specification framework for software processes: formal specification and derivation of information base requirements /Rombach, 1988/
Rueher, M.
Ladret, D.
Legeard, B.
Capturing software processes through the generated objects /Rueher, 1988/
Scacchi, W.
Modelling software evolution: a knowledge-based approach /Scacchi, 1988/
Sutton W.L. Advanced models of the software process /Sutton W.L., 1988/
Tully, C.
Software process models and programs: observations on their nature and context /Tully, 1988b/
Wileden, J.
Clarke, L.
Wolf, A.
Facilitating process prototyping by controlling the impact of change /Wileden, 1988/
Williams, L. G.
A behavioral approach to software process modelling /Williams, 1988/

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