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6th. International Software Process Workshop  


6th. International Software Process Workshop

Hokkaido, Japan. October, 1990

Katayama, T. (Ed.)


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Ambriola, V.
Ciancarini, P.
Montangero, C.
Software Processes as a Hierarchy /Ambriola, 1990/
Balzer, R.
What we do and don't know about the software process /Balzer, 1990/
Cheatham, T.
The E-L system support for process programs /Cheatham, 1990/
Cohen, D.
Narayanaswany, K.
A logical framework for cooperative software development /Cohen, 1990/
Conradi, R.
Liu, C.
Westby, P.H.
EPOS PM: planning and execution /Conradi, 1990/
Derniame, J.-C.
Benali, K.
Boudjlida, N.
Godart, C.
Lonchamp, J.
Roles cooperation through software process instantiaton /Derniame, 1990/
Diamant, J.
Davidson, H.
Thunquest, G.
Process Modeling in HP Softbench /Diamant, 1990/
Dowson, M.
Nejmeh, B.
Riddle, W.
Concepts for process definition and support /Dowson, 1990/
Feiler, P.
Software process support in software development environments /Feiler, 1990/
Futatsugi, K.
Product-centered process description = algebraic specification of environment + SCRIPT /Futatsugi, 1990/
Heimbigner, D.
Proscription versus prescription in process-centered environments /Heimbigner, 1990/
Hubert, L.
Fournier, F.
Le-Brasseur, M.B.
Eureka Software Factory: OPIUM, an environment for software process modeling integrated with a project management tool /Hubert, 1990/
Huff, K.E.
On the relationship between software processes and software products /Huff, 1990/
Humphrey, W.S.
People considerations in process models /Humphrey, 1990/
Jarke, M.
Jeusfeld, M.A.
Rose, T.
Process management in the DAIDA environments /Jarke, 1990/
Kaiser, G.
Ben-Shaul, I.
Barghouti, N.
Preliminary design of an object management system for multi-user MARVEL /Kaiser, 1990/
Kellner, M.
Supporting software processes through software process modeling /Kellner, 1990c/
Kumagai, A. Possibility and limitation of process programming /Kumagai, 1990/
Matsumoto, Y.
Ajisaka, T.
KyotoDB supports software processes /Matsumoto, 1990/
Minski, N.H.
Supporting coordination and cooperation in software processes /Minski, 1990/
Mochizuki, S.
Yamauchi, A.
Katayama, T.
Suzuki, M.
Applying the software process to the instruction tool in system design /Mochizuki, 1990/
Ochimizu, K.
Yamaguchi, T.
A process-oriented architecture with knowledge acquisition and refinement mechanisms on software processes /Ochimizu, 1990/
Oquendo, F.
Building object and process-centered software environments on the PCTE public tool interface /Oquendo, 1990/
Osterweil, L.
Taylor, R. N.
The architecture of the Arcadia-1 process centered software environment /Osterweil, 1990/
Perry, D.
Policy and product-directed process instantiation /Perry, 1990/
Peuschel, B.
Schäfer, W.
Wolf, S.
A flexible environment architecture as a basis for distributed software development /Peuschel, 1990/
Redwine, S. T.
Organizational properties and software process models /Redwine, 1990/
Rombach, D.
A framework for assesing process representations /Rombach, 1990/
Rueher, M.
Formalizing operations and relationships on objects to support dynamic refinement of process models instances /Rueher, 1990/
Shinoda, Y.
Katayama, T.
Object-oriented software processes and their environment /Shinoda, 1990/
Sugiyama, Y.
Horowitz, E.
Language support for object process modeling /Sugiyama, 1990/
Suhara, N.
A framework for describing software design processes /Suhara, 1990/
Thomas, I
Multiple paradigm descriptions of software process /Thomas, 1990/
Tully, C.
The implications of process support software for environment architectures /Tully, 1990/
Kellner, M.
Feiler, P.
Finkelstein, A.
Katayama, T.
Osterweil, L.
Penedo, M.
Rombach, D.
Software Process Modeling Example Problem /Kellner, 1990a/
Kellner, M.
Rombach, D.
Comparisons of software process descriptions /Kellner, 1990b/
Goldman, N. M.
Narayanaswany, K.
Solution for the ISPW-6 process example /Goldman, 1990/
Riddle, W.
Kumagai, A
ISPW6 Opening Session Summary /Riddle,1990/
A. Irvine
Clement L. McGowan
Feiler, P.
IDEF0/SADT Solutions to ISPW Problem /Irvine, 1990/
Michael Karr
Cheatham, T.
A Solution to the ISPW--6 Software Process Modeling Example /Karr, 1990/
Peuschel, B.
Schäfer, W.
ISPW--6 Exercise Solution /Peuschel, 1990a/

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