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9th. International Software Process Workshop


9th. International Software Process Workshop

Reston, Virginia, USA, Oct 5-7, 1994

Ghezzi, C.


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Dewan, P.
Krishnamurthy, B.
Relations between {CSCW} and software process research: a position statement /Dewan, 1994/
Gruhn, V.
Communication support in a process-centered software engineering environment /Gruhn, 1994/
Schäfer, W.
Wolf, S.
Cooperation patterns in {PSEE}s /Schäfer, 1994/
Diamant, J.
Human interaction suppport in HP SynerVision for SoftBench /Diamant, 1994/
Giese, P.
Hoisl, B.
Lott, C.M.
Rombach, D.
Data collection in a process-sensitive software engineering environment /Giese, 1994/
Bandinelli, S.
Di Nitto, E.
Fuggetta, A.
Lavazza, L.
Coupled vs. De-coupled User Interfaces in PSEE's /Bandinelli, 94b/
Montangero, C.
The "process in the tool syndrome'': is it becoming worse? /Montangero, 1994b/
Seaman, C.
Basili, V.
OPT: organization and process together /Seaman, 1994/
Nakagawa, A.T.
Futatsugi, K.
Formalizing humans in software processes /Nakagawa, 1994/
Ajisaka, T.
Meta-integration for process integrated CASE environments /Ajisaka, 1994/
Culver-Lozo, K.
The software process from the developer's perspective: a case study on improving process usability /Culver-Lozo, 1994b/
Barghouti, N.
Separating process model enactment from process execution in Provence /Barghouti, 1994b/
Iida, H.
Inuoue, K.
Torii, K.
Using process descriptions as templates of communication flow /Iida, 1994/
Young, P.S.
Taylor, R. N.
Human-executed operations in the teamware process programming system /Young, 1994a/
Boehm, B.
Bose, P.
Humans and process frameworks: some critical process elements /Boehm, 1994b/
Stotts, P.D.
Furuta, R.
Process models as multi-reader collaborative hyperdocuments /Stotts, 1994/
Belkhatir, N.
Melo, W.
The need for a cooperative model: the adele/ tempo experience /Belkhatir, 1994b/
Votta, L. By the way, has anyone studied any real programmers yet? /Votta, 1994/
Bandinelli, S.
Fuggetta, A.
Lavazza, L.
Picco, G. P.
Combining control and data integration in the SPADE-1 process-centered software engineering environment /Bandinelli, 1994e/
Kaplan, S.M.
Bignoli, C.
Tolone, W.J.
Process, space, & software development suppport /Kaplan, 1994/
Humphrey, W.S. Process feedback and learning /Humphrey, 1994b/
Arnold, J.E Toward collaborative software processes /Arnold, J., 1994/
Alloui, I.
Arbaoui, S.
Oquendo, F.
Process-centered environments: support for human-environment interaction and environment-mediated human cooperation /Alloui, 1994a/
Ben-Shaul, I.
Heineman, G.
Popovich, S.S.
Skopp, P.D.
Valetto, G.
Integrating groupware and process technologies in the Oz environment /Ben-Shaul, 1994a/
Sherdil, K.
Madhavji, N.
Personal "Progress Functions" in the Software Process /Sherdil, 94/
Heimbigner, D.
Osterweil, L.
An argument for the elimination of roles /Heimbigner, 1994a/
Pohl, K.
Doemges, R.
Jarke, M.
Decision oriented process modelling /Pohl, 1994/
Osterweil, L.
Heimbigner, D.
An alternative to software process languages /Osterweil, 1994a/
Balzer, R.
Process definition formalism maturity levels /Balzer, 1994a/
Lehman, M. M. Evolution, Feedback and Software Technology /Lehman, 1994/
Perry, D.
Issues in process architecture /Perry, 1994a/
Penedo, M.
Life-cycle (Sub) Process Scenario /Penedo, 94/
Cook, J.
Wolf, A.
Lowering the entry barrier and raising the cofidence in large process models /Cook, 1994b/

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