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PROFES 2000  



International Conference on Product Focused Software Process Improvement

Oulu, Finland. June 20-22, 2000.


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
SESSION 1: Process Improvement
Schneider, K.
Active Probes - Synergy in Experience-Based Process /Schneider, 2000/
Birk, A.
Hamann, D.
Susanne Hartkopf
A framework for the continuos monitoring and evaluation of improvement programmes /Birk, 2000/
Van Solingen, R.
Berghout, E.
No Improvement without Learning - Prerequisites for learning the relations between process and product in practice /Van Solingen, 2000/
SESSION 2: Empirical Software Engineering
Jeffery, R.
Fredrik Utbult
Kevin Chung
Sabine Bruynincx
The effect of constraint notification within a case tool environment on design productivity and quality /Jeffery, 2000/
Bratthall, L.
Enrico Johansson
Bjųrn Regnell
Is a Design Rationale Vital when Predicting Change Impact? /Bratthall, 2000/
Akito Monden
Shin-ichi Sato
Ken-ichi Matsumoto
Inoue, K.
Modeling and Analysis of Software Aging Process /Monden, 2000/
SESSION 3: Industrial Experiences
Pekka Ketola Usability Engineering in Concurrent Product Development /Ketola, 2000/
Janis Plume
Juris Strods
An Industrial Experience in Using Problem Resolution Process for Software Porting /Plume, 2000/
Rezagholi Mohsen
Michael Frey
Managing Engineering a Product Technology - A Method for Technology Assessment /Mohsen, 2000/
SESSION 4: Process Improvement
Juan Garbajosa
Pedro P. Alarcón
Héctor Garcia
Maria Alandes
Piattini, M.
Introducing the data role in models for Database assessment /Garbajosa, 2000/
Andrew Beitz
Wieczorek, I.
Applying Benchmarking to Learn from Best Practices /Beitz, 2000/
SESSION 5: Methods and Tools
Manfred Dresselhaus Object-Oriented Design in Real-Time Embedded Robot Control Software /Dresselhaus, 2000/
Nicholas Hawlitzky
Alexander Münnich
Beate Nothhelfer-Kolb
Martin Rappl
Managing distributed software development - A portfolio based methodology /Hawlitzky, 2000/
SESSION 6: Industrial Experiences
Jųrgen Bųegh
Mads Christiansen
Ebba žóra Hvannberg
Stalhane, T.
The benefits of networking /Bųegh, 2000/
Stefan Engelkamp
Susanne Hartkopf
Peter Brössler
Project Experience Database: A Report Based on Practical Experience /Engelkamp, 2000/
SESSION 7: Process Improvement
Timo Jokela
Abrahamsson, P.
Modelling Usability Capability Introducing the Dimensions /Jokela, 2000/
Dietmar Pfahl
Birk, A.
Using Simulation to Visualise and Analyse Product-Process Dependencies in Software Development Projects /Pfahl, 2000/
Jesper Arent Transforming Software Organizations with the Capability Maturity Model /Arent, 2000/
SESSION 8: Software and Process Modelling
Tuomas Ihme Formalizing SCM Use Cases within the Virtual Software Corporation /Ihme, 2000/
Ramil, J.
Lehman, M. M.
Goel Kahen
The FEAST Approach to Quantitative Process Modelling of Software Evolution Processes /Ramil, 2000a/
Mark Whittington
M. Shackleton
A Description of a "Framework Approach" to Evolutionary Systems Development /Whittington, 2000/
SESSION 9: Industrial Experiences
Erik Rodenbach SPI, A Guarantee for Success? /Rodenbach, 2000/
van Latum, F.
van Uijtregt, A.
Product Driven Process Improvement PROFES Experiences at Dräger /van Latum, 2000/
Thomas Gantner
Ton Vullinghs
Thomas Weber
Experiences on Lightweight Techniques to Manage Software Suppliers /Gantner, 2000/
SESSION 10: Organizational Learning and Experience Factory
Seppänen, V.
A Relationship-Based View to Software Engineering Competence /Seppänen, 2000/
Conradi, R.
Torgeir Dingsųyr
Software Experience Bases: A Consolidated Evaluation and Status Report /Conradi, 2000/
Schneider, K.
LIDs: A Light-Weight Approach to Experience Elicitation and Reuse /Schneider, 2000a/
SESSION 11: Software and Process Measurement
Runeson, P.
Niklas Borgquist
Markus Landin
Wladyslaw Bolanowski
An Evaluation of Functional Size Methods and a Bespoke Estimation Method for Real-Time Systems /Runeson, 2000/
Kempkens, R.
Rösch, P.
Scott, L.
Zettel, J.
Instrumenting Measurement Programs with Tools /Kempkens, 2000/

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