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International Conference on Product Focused Software Process Improvement

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Kaiserlautern, Germany. Sept 10-13, 2001.


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
SESSION 1: Quality of Software
Bernard Wong
Jeffery, R.
Cognitive Structures of Software Evaluation: A Means-End Chain Analysis of Quality /Wong, 2001/
Massimo Felici
Stuart Anderson
Requirements Evolution from Process to Product Oriented Management /Felici, 2001/
SESSION 2: Software Process Assessment & Improvement
Josef Nedstam
Martin Höst
Björn Regnell
Jennie Nilsson
A Case Study on Scenario-Based Process Flexibility Assessment for Risk Reduction /Nedstam, 2001/
Seppänen, V.
Seija Komi-Sirviö
Rahikkala, T.
Minna Pikkarainen
A. Mäntyniemi
Contexts in KM Based SPI: The Case of Software Design Experience Reuse /Seppänen, 2001/
Marion Lepasaar
Varkoi, T.
Hannu Jaakkola
Models and Success Factors of Process Change /Lepasaar, 2001/
SESSION 3: Industrial Experiences and Case Studies
Marjo Kauppinen
Sari Kujala
Starting Improvement of Requirements Engineering Processes: An Experience Report /Kauppinen, 2001/
Karen Allenby
Simon Burton
Darren Buttle
John McDermid
John Murdoch
Alan Stephenson
A Family-Oriented Software Development Process for Engine Controllers /Allenby, 2001/
SESSION 4: Software Process Assessment & Improvement
Karl Lebsanft Process Improvement in Turbulent Times: Is CMM Still an Answer? /Lebsanft, 2001/
Polo, M.
Piattini, M.
Francisco Ruiz
Calero, C.
Assessment of Maintenance Maturity in IT Departments of Public Entities: Two Case Studies /Polo, 2001/
Iivari, N.
Jokela, T.
Evaluating a Usability Capability Assessment /Iivari, 2001/
SESSION 5: Organizational Learning and Experience Factory
Schneider, K.
Experience Magnets Attracting Experiences, Not Just Storing Them /Schneider, 2001/
Timo Kucza
Nättinnen, M.
Päivi Parviainen
Improving Knowledge Management in Software Reuse Process /Kucza, 2001/
SESSION 6: Organizational Learning and Experience Factory
Christof Nagel Processes and Knowledge Management: A Symbiosis /Nagel, 2001/
Dingsøyr, T.
Nils Brede Moe
Øystein Nytrø
Augmenting Experience Reports with Lightweight Postmortem Reviews /Dingsøyr, 2001/
Scott Henninger
Jason Schlabach
A Tool for Managing Software Development Knowledge /Henninger, 2001/
SESSION 7: Software and Process Modeling
Zettel, J.
Maurer, F.
Münch, J.
Les Wong
LIPE: A Lightweight Process for e-Business Startup Companies Based on Extreme Programming /Zettel, 2001/
Jaccheri, M. L.
Tor Sthålhane
Evaluation of the E3 Process Modelling Language and Tool for the Purpose of Model Creation /Jaccheri, 2001/
Harald Störrle Describing Fractal Processes with UML /Störrle, 2001a/
SESSION 8: Empirical Software Engineering
Runeson, P.
Magnus C. Ohlsson
Claes Wohlin
A Classification Scheme for Studies on Fault-Prone Components /Runeson, 2001/
Bratthall, L.
Enrico Johansson
Bjørn Regnell
Program Understanding Behaviour During Estimation of Enhancement Effort on Small Java Programs /Bratthall, 2001/
Hikaru Fujiwara
Kusumoto, S.
Inoue, K.
Toshifusa Ootsubo
Katsuhiko Yuura
Evaluation of a Business Application Framework Using Complexity and Functionality Metrics /Fujiwara, 2001/
SESSION 9: Industrial Experiences and Case Studies
Peter Fröhlich
Lichter, H.
Zeller, M.
Enabling Local SPI in a Multi-national Company /Fröhlich, 2001/
Ton Dekkers Project Improvement as Start-Up /Dekkers, 2001/
SESSION 10: Software and Process Modeling
Renata Araujo
Marcos Borges
Extending the Software Process Culture - An Approach Based on Groupware and Workflow /Araujo, 2001/
Becker-Kornstaedt, U.
Towards Systematic Knowledge Elicitation for Descriptive Software Process Modeling /Becker-Kornstaedt, 2001a/
Gnatz, M.
Frank Marschall
Gerhard Popp
Rausch, A.
Wolfgang Schwerin
Modular Process Patterns Supporting an Evolutionary Software Development Process /Gnatz, 2001a/

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