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International Conference on Product Focused Software Process Improvement

Oulu, Finland. June 22-24, 1999.

Oivo, M.
Kuvaja, P. (Eds.)

Conference Organization
General Chair Rombach, D. Universität Kaiserlautern and Fraunhofer IESE Germany
Program Co-Chair Oivo, M. VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland Finland
Fraunhofer IESE Germany
Votta, L. Brincos, Inc. USA
Organizing Chair Kuvaja, P. University of Oulu - Finland Finland
Local Arrangements Chair Katja Salmela VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland Finland
Publicity Chair Bicego, A. Etnoteam Italy

Bootstrap Institute
European Commission
University of Oulu - Finland
VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland

Programme Commitee
Bicego, A. Etnoteam Italy
Conradi, R. NTNU - Norges Teknisk-naturvitenskapelige Universiteit, Trondheim - Norway Norway
Haikala, I.
Tampere University of Technology
Takeshi Hayama NTT Data Corp. Japan
Bärbel Hörger Daimler-Benz Germany
Ross Jeffery University of New South Wales< Australia
Erik Johansson Q-Labs Sweden
Kautz, K. Copenhagen Business School Denmark
Kellner, M.
SEI - Software Engineering Institute USA
Munish Khurana Motorola UK
Kari Känsälä Nokia Research Center Finland
Kuvaja, P.
University of Oulu Finland
Risto Nevalainen STTF Finland
Harri Reiman Ericsson Finland
Günther Ruhe Fraunhofer IESE Germany
Seppänen, V.
VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland Finland
van Solingen, R.
Schlumberger The Netherlands
Reijo Sulonen Helsinki Universty of Technology Finland
Ian Taylor Process Research Consultants Austria
Richard Veryard Veryard Projects UK
Otto Vinter Bruel & Kjaer Denmark
Visaggio, G.
Università di Bari Italy
Claes Wohlin Lund University - Sweden Sweden

Keynote addresses:

Speaker Title Institution Country
Humphrey, W.S.
The Team Software Process SEI - Software Engineering Institute
Torii, K.
"In situ" Computer Aided Empirical Software Engineering NAIST - Nara Institute of Science and Technology


Participants Title
Vinter, O.
van Solingen, R.
Känsala, K.
Balstrup, B.
Rout, T.
Process Improvement versus Product Improvement


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
SESSION 1: Methodology for Product-Focused Process Improvement
Birk, A.
Järvinen, J.
Van Solingen, R.
A Validation Approach for Product-Focused Process Improvement /Birk, 1999a/
Järvinen, J.
Van Solingen, R.
Establishing continuous assessment using measurements /Järvinen, 1999a/
Kuvaja, P.
Maansaari, J.
Seppänen, V.
Taramaa, J.
Specific Requirements for Assessing Embedded Product Development /Kuvaja, 1999a/
Van Solingen, R.
Derks, P.
Hirvensalo, J.
The Goal/Question/Metric Method (GQM): A practical method for quality improvement of software development /Van Solingen, 1999a/
SESSION 2: Tools and Techniques in Software Process Improvement
Antoniol, G.
La Commare, G.
Giraudo, G.
Tonella, P.
Effective Feature Analysis for Tool Selection /Antoniol, 1999/
Van Veenendaal, E. Questionnaire based usability testing /Van Veenendaal, 1999/
Lichter, H.
Zeller, M.
Developing a Change Request Management Tool for a Distributed Environment /Lichter, 1999/
SESSION 3: Software Quality
Kiiskilä, J.
Piloting as a Part of the Process Improvement of Reviews - A Case Study at Nokia Telecommunications Fixed Switching /Kiiskilä, 1999/
Vergano, M.
Early testing of Embedded Software /Vergano, 1999/
Thelin, T.
Runeson, P.
Capture-Recapture Estimations for Perspective-Based Reading - A Simulated Experiment /Thelin, 1999/
SESSION 4: Novel Approaches in Software Process Assessments
Gasston, J.
The Role of the Client-Supplier Relationship in Achieving Software Quality /Gasston, 1999/
Sawyer, P.
Sommerville, I.
Kotonya, G.
Improving Market-Driven RE Processes /Sawyer, 1999/
Wang, Y.
Dorling, A.
Brodman, J.
Johnson, D.
Conformance Analysis of the Tailored CMM with ISO/IEC 15504 /Wang Y., 1999a/
SESSION 5: Software Measurement
Conradi, R.
Marjara, A. S.
Skåtevik, B.
Empirical Studies of Inspection and Test Data /Conradi, 1999a/
Fairley, R.
A Process-Oriented Approach to Improving Software Quality Product /Fairley, 1999/
Kesseler, E.
Measuring a safety-critical embedded software development process /Kesseler, 1999/
SESSION 6: Experience Packaging and Transfer
Wieser, E.
Houdek, F.
Schneider, K.
Systematic Experience Transfer: Three Case Studies From a Cognitive Point of View /Wieser, 1999/
Benedicenti, L.
De Panfilis, S.
Succi, G.
Vernazza, T.
An Experience Report on Decoding, Monitoring, and Controlling the Software Process /Benedicenti, 1999/
Van Solingen, R.
Van Uijtregt, A.
Kusters, R.
Trienekens, J.
Tailoring product focused SPI /Van Solingen, 1999c/
SESSION 7: Process Modelling and Assessment
Habra, N.
Niyitugabira, E.
Lamblin, A.-C.
Renault, A.
Software Process Improvement in Small Organizations Using Gradual Evaluation Schema /Habra, 1999/
Ito, M.
Kishida, K.
Process Re-engineering Patterns /Ito, 1999/
Matsushita, M.
Iida, H.
Inoue, K.
Modeling Framework and Supporting System for Process Assessment Documents /Matsushita, 1999/
Rout, T.
Bernus, P.
An architecture for defining processes of the software and system life cycles /Rout, 1999/
Ostolaza, E.
Garcia, A. B.
EFQM/SPICE Integrated Model: The Business Excellence Road for Software Organisations /Ostolaza, 1999/
Tortorella, M.
Visaggio, G.
A Reading-based Scenario for ChaRacterising and Exploiting Process Components /Tortorella, 1999/
SESSION 8: New Proposals in Software Process Improvement
Abrahamsson, P.
Expanding Goal Setting Theory Concepts - Using Goal Commitment Measurements to Improve Chances for Success in SPI /Abrahamsson, 1999/
Cardino, G.
Valerio, A..
Tailoring Process Improvement to Small Companies using Methodology Focused on the Individuals /Cardino, 1999/
Rossi, S.
Moving Towards Modelling Oriented Software Process Engineering: A Shift from Descriptive to Prescriptive Process Modelling /Rossi, 1999/
SESSION 9: Methods and Tools in SPI
Donzelli, P.
Iazeolla, G.
Software Process Simulator for Software Product and Process Improvement /Donzelli, 1999/
Selvin, A.
Buckingham Shum, S.
Repurposing Requirements: Improving Collaborative Sense-Making over the Lifecycle /Selvin, 1999/
Ramos, I. R.
Riquelme, J. S.
The Dynamic Models for Software Development Projects and the Machine Learning Techniques /Ramos, 1999/
Calzolari, F.
Cozzio, E.
Improving the Requirements Definitions: The RESPECT project /Calzolari, 1999/
SESSION 10: Industrial Experience Reports
Iversen, J.
Establishing SPI Effect Measurements /Iversen, 1999/
Roan, A.
Hebrard, P.
A PIE one year after: APPLY /Roan, 1999/
Vertraeten, E.
Creating a solid configuration- and test-management infraestructure to improve the team development of critical systems /Vertraeten, 1999/
Valerio, A.
Fenaroli, M.
Benedicenti, L.
Succi, G.
An industrial experience in improving the software process through domain analysis /Valerio, 1999a/
Kautz, K.
Kawalek, P.
Keenan, M.
McMaster, T.
Walker, C.
Wastell, D.
Willetts, M.
Williams, C.
Using CASE to enhance service performance in Local Government: The CAPELLA project /Kautz, 1999/

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