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SIIT 99  


International Conference on Standardisation and Innovation in Information Technology

SIIT'99 Homepage

Aachen, Germany. Sept 15-17, 1999.

Jakobs, K
Williams, R. (Eds.)


Author(s) Contribution Publication
SESSION 1: Organisational Aspects of Standardisation
Vercoulen, F.
van Wegberg, M.
Aspects of Standardisation Standard Selection Modes in Dynamic, Complex Industries: Creating Hybrids between Market Selection and Negotiated Selection of Standards /Vercoulen, 1999/
West, J. Organizational Decisions for I.T. Standards Adoption: Antecedents and Consequences /West, 1999a/
Al-Mashari, M.
Zairi, M.
Standardisation through SAP R/3: A Proposed Model for Effective Implementation /Al-Mashari, 1999/
Jarke, M.
Köller, J.
Marquardt, W.
von Wedel, L.
CAPE-OPEN: Experiences from a Standardization Effort in Chemical Industries /Jarke, 1999/
SESSION 2: The Standards Setting Process
Cargill, C. Consortia and the Evolution of Information Technology Standardization /Cargill, 1999a/
Boyd, J. Taming the West - CEN/ISSS is a pioneer in opening up participation in the Information Society /Boyd, 1999/
Choh, K. Governance Mechanisms of Standard-Making in the Information Technology /Choh, 1999a/
Iversen, E. J. Standardization and Intellectual Property Rights: ETSI's controversial search for new IPR procedures /Iversen, E., 1999/
POSTER SESSION: The Many Facets of Standardisation
Monteiro, E.
Hanseth, O.
Developing corporate infrastructure: implications for international standardization /Monteiro, 1999/
Cardeñosa, J.
Tovar, E.
Quality Plan Recommendations for Temporal Consortiums /Cardeñosa, 1999/
Fomin, V. The Process of Standard Making: Equilibrium and Transformation in Social Networks /Fomin, 1999/
Krieb, M. Company Strategies Relating to the Participation In Standardisation Processes in the Context of Digital Convergence /Krieb, 1999/
Koehn, R.
Guerrero, C.
Viña, A.
Using TMN Standards to Solve Proprietary Aspects in SDH Multivendor Network Management /Koehn, 1999/
Wende, I. Experiences and Positions of the DIN IT Standards Committee /Wende, 1999/
Hjarup, S. Standardised Communication in Electronic Commerce /Hjarup, 1999/
Minzhe, Z.
Lin, Z.
Standardization of Multimedia Conferencing: Design and Implementation /Minzhe, 1999/
Sherif, M. H. Contribution Towards a Theory of Standardization in Telecommunications /Sherif, 1999/
SESSION 3: On Innovation
Blind, K
Grupp, H.
Jungmittag, A.
The Influence of Innovation and Standardisation on Macroeconomic Development: The Case of Germany /Blind, 1999/
Windrum, P.
Swann, G. M. P.
The "Technology Fix": Developing Improved Search Engines to Sustain Web Growth /Windrum, 1999/
Krechmer, K. Technical Communications Standards: New Directions in Innovation /Krechmer, 1999/
DeMarco, D.
Seebacher, M.
The Human Characteristics for Innovation in the Development of Information Technology /DeMarco, D., 1999/
SESSION 4: Economic Issues and Theory of Standardisation
Rice, J.
Galvin, P.
The Development of Standards in the Mobile Telephone Industry and their Effect on Regional Industry Growth /Rice, 1999/
Buxmann, P.
Weitzel, T.
v. Westarp, F.
The Standardization Problem - An Economic Analysis of Standards in Information Systems /Buxmann, 1999/
West, J.
Reconsidering the Assumptions for "Tipping" in Network Markets /West, 1999b/
Choh, K. Innovation and Standardization in Technological Trejectories : A Schumpeterian Perspective and Three Models of Standardization in the Information Technology Industry /Choh, 1999b/
Schoechle, T. Toward a Theory of Standards /Schoechle, 1999/
SESSION 5: Specific Standards and Applications
Walli, S. Posix: A Case Study in a Successful Standard Or, why We Donít Need Radical Change in the SDO Process /Walli, 1999/
Purper, C. Blanck An Environment to support flexibility in process standards /Purper, 1999c/
Kataoka, S.
Kolk, H.
Standardization and Innovation of Multimedia Technology in Consumer Electronics /Kataoka, 1999/
Polo, M.
Piattini, M.
Ruiz, F.
Calero, C.
Using The ISO/IEC 12207 Tailoring Process For Defining a Maintenance Process /Polo, 1999/
WORKSHOP: Electronic Tools to Support Standardisation Work
Spring, M.
Andriati, R.
Vathanophas, V.
Usability of a Collaborative Authoring System for Standards Development: Preferences, Problems, and Prognosis /Spring, 1999/
Cargill, C. A Proposal for a Web Based Standardization Process /Cargill, 1999b/
Downe, S.
Chaves, I. G.
Nunes, P.
Progress towards web-based Electronic Committees in the CEN/INES project (Internet Network for European Standardization) /Downe, 1999/
Iorio, J. An evolutionary view of working proven tools for thousands of members /Iorio, 1999/

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