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International Process Technology Workshop  

WACC'99 - Work Activities Coordination and Collaboration

February 22-25, 1999. San Francisco, USA


Conference Chair: Taylor, R. N.


Author(s) Contribution Ref. in GDPA
Weske, M.
Goesmann, T.
Holten, R.
Striemer, R.
A Reference Model for Workflow Application Development Processes /Weske, 1999/
Grinter, R. Systems Architecture: Product Designing and Social Engineering /Grinter, 1999/
Baresi, L.
Casati, F.
Castano, S.
Fugini, M.G.
Mirbel, I.
Pernici, B.
WIDE Workflow Development Methodology /Baresi, 1999/
Ludwig, H.
Whittingham, K.
Virtual-Enterprise Co-ordinator - Agreement-Driven Gateways for Cross-Organisational Workflow Management /Ludwig, 1999
Simone, C.
Mark, G.
Giubbiliei, D.
Interoperability as a Means of Articulation Work /Simone, 1999/
Hilerio, I.
Chen, W.
Herbal-T, Enabling Integration, Interoperability, and Reusability of Internet Components /Hilerio, 1999/
Borgida, A.
Murata, T.
Tolerating Exceptions in Workflows: A Unified Framework for Data and Processes /Borgida, 1999/
Hull, R.
Llirbat, F.
Simon, E.
Su, J.
Dong, G.
Kumar, B.
Zhou, G.
Declarative Workflows that Support Easy Modification and Dynamic Browsing /Hull, 1999/
Heinl, P.
Horn, S.
Jablonski, S.
Neeb, J.
Stein, K .
Teschke, M.
A Comprehensive Approach to Flexibility in Workflow Management Systems /Heinl, 1999/
Li, D.
Wang, Z.
Muntz, R.
"Got COCA?" A New Perspective in Building Electronic Meeting Systems /Li, 1999/
Churchill, E.
Bly, S.
Virtual Environments at Work: ongoing use of MUDs in the Workspace /Churchill, 1999/
Takao, S.
The Effects of Narrow-bandwidth Multipoint Videoconferencing on Group Decision Making and Turn Distribution /Takao, 1999/
Herbsleb, J.
Metaphorical Representation in Collaborative Software Engineering /Herbsleb, 1999/
Bose, P.
Zhou, X.
WWAC: WinWin Abstraction Based Decision Coordination /Bose, 1999/
Jensen, D.
Dong, Y.
Lerner, B. S.
McCall, E.
Osterweil, L.
Sutton, S. M.
Wise, A.
Coordinating Agent Activities in Knowledge Discovery Processes /Jensen, 1999/
Girgensohn, A.
Supporting the Writting of Reports in a Hierarchical Organization /Girgensohn, 1999/
Vishik, C.
Whinston, A.
Knowledge Sharing, Quality and Intermediation /Vishik, 1999/
Berchtold, S.
Biliris, A.
Panagos, E.
SaveMe: A System for Archiving Electronic Documents Using Messaging Groupware /Berchtold, 1999/
Schuster, H.
Neeb, J.
Schamburger, R.
A Configuration Management Approach for Large Workflow Management Systems /Schuster, 1999/
Zhao, J. L.
Stohr, E. A.
Temporal Workflow Management in a Claim Handling System /Zhao, 1999/
Estublier, J.
Amiour, M.
Dami, S.
Building a Federation of Process Support Systems /Estublier, 1999b/
Rameshsharma, R.
Mariani, J.
Moksha: Exploiting Ubiquity in Event Filtration-Control at the Multi-user Desktop /Rameshsharma, 1999/
Prince, R.
Su, J.
Tang, H.
Zhao, Y.
The Design of an Interactive Online Help Desk in the Alexandria Digital Library /Prince, 1999/
Brennan, S.
Ohaeri, J.
Why do Electronic Conversations Seem Less Polite? The Costs and Benefits of Hedging /Brennan, 1999/

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