Prescriptive Task Chains  

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Prescriptive Task Chains


Reference /Scacchi, 2001/ Process Models in Software Engineering
Prescriptive task chains are idealized plans of what actions should be accomplished, and in what order. For example, a task chain for the activity of object-oriented software design might include the following task actions:
  • Develop an informal narrative specification of the system
  • Identify the objects and their attributes
  • Identify the operations on the objects
  • Identify the interfaces between objects, attributes, or operations
  • Implement the operations
Clearly, this sequence of actions could entail multiple iterations and non-procedural primitive action invocations in the course of incrementally progressing toward an object-oriented software design.

Task chains join or split into other task chains resulting in an overall production network or web /Kling, 1982/.

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