Production Process  

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Production Process

Also as

Software Production Process Model


Reference /Scacchi, 2001/ Process Models in Software Engineering
There are two kinds of software production process models: non-operational and operational. Both are software process models. The difference between the two primarily stems from the fact that the operational models can be viewed as computational scripts or programs: programs that implement a particular regimen of software engineering and development. Non-operational models on the other hand denote conceptual approaches that have not yet been sufficiently articulated in a form suitable for codification or automated processing.
Rationales Production process models:
  • Non-Operational Process Models

  • Operational Process Models

  • 1998
    Reference /Derniame, 1998/ Software Process: principles, methodology and technology
    That part of the process dealing with production and maintainance of the product, as opposed to the management process (see Management process).

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