Process-Centered Software Engineering Environment (PSEE)
Process-Sensitive SEE

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Process-Centered Software Engineering Environment (PSEE)

Also as

Process-Centred SEE, Process-Sensitive SEE


Reference /Derniame, 1998/ Software Process: principles, methodology and technology
Process-Sensitive SEE: A Software Engineering Environment is process-sensitive (i.e. it is PSEE) when its architecture is based on a process engine that, in enacting a process model, controls the production technology in use. It comprises tools to monitor, to analyse and evolve process models.
1993 - a
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Process-Centred SEE: New generation of software engineering environment which support software development (through software engineering), management (through project management),and quality (through process engineering) functions. A PSEE is based on an explicit definition of the software development process that cuts across these functional boundaries. Such environment support QA in defining and evaluating a process, support management in providing information about the status of the project, and support development by providing automation and guidance in the execution of the process. ;
An explicit process serves both to prescribe an orderly development and to support the analysis, monitoring, and improvement of the process. ;
A PSEE recognizes both the importance of the software process and its dynamic nature.
Reference /Lonchamp, 1993/ A Structured Conceptual and Terminological Framework for Software Process Engineering
A Process-Centered software engineering environment provides some assistance to users by interpreting explicit guidance-oriented or enforcement-oriented software process models. The generic process interpretor or process engine is the heart of a process-centered software engineering environment.

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