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Reference /VM 1997/ V-Model 97, Lifecycle Process Model.
Seen from a certain view point a closed part of the V-Model. The V-Model consists of the sub-models:
  • System Development (SD): Submodel regulating the generation of an IT system. The generation of the software is realized by taking into consideration the interface to the hardware.
  • Quality Assurance (QA): Sub-model describing the preventive measures for reaching the quality goals and for preventing quality risks as well as the analytical measures to prove the required quality.
    Submodel QA comprises
    * planning preventing, constructive and analytical measures;
    * preparation, guarantee, realization and reporting for the analytical measures,
    and it refers to
    * organization,
    * processes and
    * products.
  • Configuration Management (CM): Submodel in which the management of all four sub-model products is regulated during the software development. Its different versions and relationships to each other are kept on a consistent level, any modifications will be supervised, and all accesses controlled.
  • Project Management (PM): Submodel in which all technical aspects of the program development are regulated. This includes planning, control and supervision of all internal project activities, as well as internal and external project communication (e. g. with customer, user). Not covered are system management and finance planning, however.

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