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    Cap Gemini Innovation


    PERFECT - Measurement-Based Improvement of Software Processes
    Process WEAVER


    /PERF-GU, 1991/ PERFORM Guides: Project Quality Audit, Version 1.0, Ref. GU03001
    /PERF-RM, 1991a/ PERFORM Reference Manuals: Project Management, Version 1.1, Ref. RM01001
    /PERF-RM, 1991b/ PERFORM Reference Manuals: Systems Integration, Version 1.1, Ref. RM02001
    /PERF-RM, 1991c/ PERFORM Reference Manuals: Technical Applications, Version 1.0, Ref. RM02002
    /PERF-RM, 1991d/ PERFORM Reference Manuals: Business Applications, Version 1.0, Ref. RM02003
    /PERF-RM, 1991e/ PERFORM Reference Manuals: Pre-Study, Version 1.0, Ref. RM02006
    /PERF-STD, 1991a/ PERFORM Standards: Project Monitoring and Reporting, Version 1.0, Ref. ST01002
    /PERF-STD, 1991b/ PERFORM Standards: Company Quality System Audit, Version 1.0, Ref. ST03002
    /PERF-STD, 1991c/ PERFORM Standards: Project Quality Plan, Version 1.0, Ref. ST03003
    /PERF-STD, 1991d/ PERFORM Standards: Project Audit, Version 1.0, Ref. ST03004
    /PERF-STD, 1991e/ PERFORM Standards: Company Quality Manual, Version 1.0, Ref. ST03005

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