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    European Commission



    ESSI - European Software System Initiative
    Fifth Framework Programme
    ISIS - Information Society Initiative in Standardization

    Projects Funded by the European Commission

    All the following projects have links to the original European Commission project's web page, where more information is given

    Begin End Acr. Title
    Begin in 1999
    Feb/1999 Feb/2001 PIE Process Instance Evolution
    Begin in 1998
    Jan/1998 Dec/1999 INFOQUALITY Internet technologies for process improvement
    May/1998 May/1999 SPICE Software process improvement by introduction of configuration management
    May/1998 Sep/1999 PIOJAVA Design process improvement aspects of object oriented JAVA in multi-tasking, multimedia, communications intensive, real-time mobile/portable systems
    May/1998 Oct/1999 INCAS Introducing a component software approach in an object oriented development process
    May/1998 Nov/1999 IMPUCT Improvement of maintenance process using case tools
    May/1998 Nov/1999 PROMI Project management process improvement
    May/1998 Apr/2000 ISPIN Israel software process improvement node
    May/1998 Apr/2000 SPI-NODE-NG ESSI node for the promotion of software process improvement in north Germany
    May/1998 Apr/2000 PRIMERS ESSI process improvement experiments support centre - region Scandinavia
    May/1998 Apr/2000 CASPIAN Co-ordinating actions for a software process improvement and assessment network
    May/1998 May/2000 FINESSE Espinode for Finnish ESSI process improvement experiments
    Jun/1998 Sep/1999 IMPROVETCR Improvement of development process through enhanced test procedure & change request management
    Jun/1998 Oct/1999 SPOT Software process improvement by object technology
    Jun/1998 Nov/1999 DOOM Software process improvement by domain analysis and object oriented frameworks
    Jun/1998 Nov/1999 SEPIOR Software engineering process improvement through systematic application of object oriented techniques and reusability
    Jun/1998 Nov/1999 PROMOTE Process improvement through measurements of test activities
    Jul/1998 May/1999 SEPIE Software engineering process improvement experiment
    Jul/1998 Jun/1999 PIVOT Pi validation and open test methodology (pivot) - quality improvement through computer aided software testing in a rapid applicants development process life cycle
    Jul/1998 Oct/1999 ISEPUMS Improving the software evolution process using mixed specification techniques
    Jul/1998 Jan/2000 PITIS Process improvement through warehouse test and integration software
    Jul/1998 Jan/2000 CHANGE Improving the software process through change management
    Jul/1998 Jan/2000 PROCONFI Process improvement by implementation of software configuration management
    Ago/1998 May/2000 RESOOS Reuse support in an object-oriented software process
    Oct/1998 Mar/2000 ISPAS Improving the specification process for avionic software
    Dec/1998 May/2000 SPIM Monitoring of software process improvements through metrics
    Dec/1998 May/2001 POEM Process object-oriented engineering methodology
    Begin in 1997
    Jan/1997 Sep/1997 SPECTRUM Improved competitiveness through integration and automation of complementary formal approaches in the development process
    Jan/1997 Mar/1998 PROFES PROduct Focused improvement of embedded Software processes
    Jan/1997 Mar/1998 DONQ-SPI Software process improvement proactive dissemination with European SMEs
    Jan/1997 Ago/1998 INSPIRE Providing the information on software process improvement required by executives and senior management
    Jan/1997 Nov/1998 TAPISTRY Tailored application of software process improvement techniques for small enterprises
    Jan/1997 Dec/1998 EPIC Exchanging process improvement experiences across SMES by conferencing on the internet
    Feb/1997 Jul/1998 Tapistry Tailored Application of software Process Improvement Techniques for small enterprises
    Mar/1997 Feb/1998 MAGICIAN Magic development process improvement
    Mar/1997 Mar/1998 SPAN Software process amelioration now!
    Mar/1997 Jun/1998 SPIP Software projects improvement process
    Mar/1997 Jun/1998 TOPSPIN Tedopres project for software process improvement
    Mar/1997 Ago/1998 SPIRE Software Process Improvement in Regions of Europe
    Mar/1997 Ago/1998 DSP-ACTION Improving DSP software documentation process to promote reuse
    Mar/1997 Ago/1998 PIER Process improvement experiment in re-use
    Mar/1997 Ago/1998 PIBOP Process improvement based on PSP
    Mar/1997 Ago/1998 ESSI Implementation of a metric based quality management for software development process
    Mar/1997 Ago/1998 TRAPSP Advanced multimedia and distance training for SME teams using the personal software process
    Mar/1997 Ago/1998 PSP-NC Personal software process in numerical control production environment
    Mar/1997 Ago/1998 AMPIC Application of metrics for process improvement for safety critical software
    Mar/1997 Ago/1998 PERSPI Personal software process improvement
    Mar/1997 Ago/1998 ALBA Methods and tools for quality assurance of the internal software development process
    May/1997 Oct/1998 SURF Software re-use: a process improvement experiment at an IBM Semea facility
    Mar/1997 Nov/1998 OUTSOURCE Software process improvement experiment concerning effective outsourcing mechanisms
    Mar/1997 Mar/1999 SPIRE SME process improvement in regions of Europe
    Mar/1997 Apr/1999 PROMISED Process improvement in intelligent simulation environment development
    Apr/1997 Sep/1998 REJOICE Requirements Engineering Through Joint, Object-Oriented, Interactive Consultation Experiment
    Apr/1997 Sep/1998 SMILE Spreading multimedia information for learning and enlightenment about software process improvement
    Apr/1997 Sep/1999 INSPIRE Initiative for software process improvement- regions exteriors
    May/1997 Sep/1998 COQUIS Continuous QFD-based quality improvement of software design process
    May/1997 Oct/1998 MPCM Multi-platform configuration management, process improvement experiment
    May/1997 Jan/1999 INTRASUPPORT Software process support in the intranet using the Livelink products
    Jun/1997 Nov/1998 POSE Process oriented systems engineering
    Jul/1997 Jun/1998 PROBATION Product-based spaceflight dynamics software development process
    Jul/1997 Apr/1999 CRIPS-DM Cross industry standard process for data mining
    Oct/1997 Apr/1998 PIE Process Instance Evolution
    Dec/1997 May/2000 EPSYLON Enhance process modelling system for lean operations management
    Begin in 1996
    Jan/1996 Feb/1996 ASP-CCM Assessment of the software process - CCM
    Jan/1996 Mar/1996 PRODIA Assessment of programming development process
    Jan/1996 Mar/1996 SPAS Software process assessment for Sligos S.I.
    Jan/1996 Mar/1996 QUADEV Quality diagnosis of the software development process
    Jan/1996 Mar/1996 Q-ADEPRO Quality assessment of the software development process
    Jan/1996 Mar/1996 ASPID Assessment on the software process maturity in the goods distribution sector
    Jan/1996 May/1996 SPABTS Software process assessment Philips - BTS Weiterstad
    Jan/1996 May/1996 PRAGMA Software production process stand alone assessment
    Jan/1996 Jun/1996 ASPIC Assessment of the software process in Centrisa
    Jan/1996 Jun/1996 SIQ Quality improvement in software development process
    Jan/1996 Dec/1996 PI3 Process improvement in internet service providing
    Jan/1996 Dec/1996 REUSE Software engineering process improvement through organised methodical and controlled reuse of software and related assets
    Jan/1996 Dec/1996 FI-TOOLS Application of object-based case-tools in systems development process
    Jan/1996 Mar/1997 SPIDER Software process improvement dissemination from European industry results
    Jan/1996 Mar/1997 PITA Process improvement through AMI (application of metrics in industry)
    Jan/1996 Jun/1997 FAMPIX FAM process improvement experiment
    Jan/1996 Jun/1997 SPIKE Software process improvement for knowledge engineering
    Jan/1996 Jun/1997 Q-PRIME Quality-oriented software process management in small enterprises
    Jan/1996 Jun/1997 PICGAL Process improvement experiment of a code generator to the Ariane launcher
    Jan/1996 Jun/1997 SPIDER Software process improvement directed to errors reduction
    Jan/1996 Jul/1997 PROMISD Process management improvement for software development
    Jan/1996 Jul/1997 REPRO Repro- reuse process and organisation improvement experiment
    Jan/1996 Jul/1997 AUTO-DOC The introduction of an automated document management system to implement recognised documentation practices in the software process
    Jan/1996 Oct/1997 PROVE Quality improvement through verification process
    Jan/1996 Nov/1997 PARI Process and reuse improvement
    Jan/1996 Dec/1997 MAZ PIE Software development process improvement experiment
    Jan/1996 Dec/1997 SPIRIT Software process improvement: recondition information technology
    Jan/1996 May/1998 COMPRO Component and object oriented maturing development process through reuse organization
    Jan/1996 Jun/1998 PIPPIN Pilot implementation of process plant lifecycle
    Feb/1996 Apr/1997 METEOR A methodology and technology oriented improvement to reduce software process deficiencies
    Feb/1996 Nov/1997 PITA Process improvement through automation
    Feb/1996 Jun/1996 SDPA Software development process assessment
    Feb/1996 Feb/1999 TELEFLOW Telematics Supported Workflow Analysis and Business Process Enhancement
    Mar/1996 May/1996 SAPIUS Self assessment for process improvement using spice
    Mar/1996 Jul/1997 INSPIRE Initiating process improvement through bootstrap assessment
    Apr/1996 Jun/1996 ASSESSNDC Assessment of the current software engineering process at NDC by using the spice methodology
    Apr/1996 Jul/1996 PEACE Process assessment for certification
    Apr/1996 Ago/1996 FROM 1 TO 3 Assessment to improve Nederland Haarlems software development process: from 1 to 3
    Jun/1996 Ago/1997 MOODP A manageable object oriented development process
    Jun/1996 Dec/1997 APPLY Amplified process performance layout
    Jun/1996 Dec/1997 PIOREC Process improvement object oriented software and reusable components
    Jun/1996 Jan/1998 METPRO Company metrics programme introduction : a quantitative approach to software process understanding and improvemen
    Jun/1996 Feb/1998 PROMIS A business process oriented way to produce information systems: introducing is strategy and analysis processes
    Jun/1996 Jun/1999 PROMOTER2 Process modelling techniques research working group
    Jul/1996 Sep/1996 AAPMM Assessment according to the process maturity model in view of din ISO 9000
    Jul/1996 Sep/1997 PROCOM Process improvement through configuration management
    Jul/1996 Dec/1997 REUSE-M Software process improvement by model reuse
    Jul/1996 Jul/1998 PROMISE Business Process Re-engineering with Object-Oriented Methodology for Information System Engineering
    Jul/1996 Jul/1998 TBP/PROMISE Business process reengineering with object oriented methodology for information system engineering
    Ago/1996 Oct/1997 ISPI Ibermatica s software process improvement
    Ago/1996 May/1999 NOEMIE An environment for improving the industrial experiment feedback process
    Sep/1996 Jul/1997 OPEN-BPM Open business process management based on Cimosa
    Sep/1996 Feb/1998 SPIRE Software process improvement: repository of experience
    Sep/1996 Feb/1998 ESSI-SCOPE Software product quality awareness and evaluation as an aid to process improvement
    Oct/1996 May/1999 INSTRUMENTS Tools and techniques for integration of workflow with GroupWare and business process reengineering
    Begin in 1995
    Jan/1995 Sep/1996 TRI-SPIN Trans Ireland Software Process Improvement Network
    Feb/1995 Jul/1996 IMPROVE Software Process Improvement for Avionics Systems
    May/1995 Apr/1999 GLOBE Global approach to business process re-engineering
    Sep/1995 Feb/1996 IMPROVE Introducing total quality management and business process management into I.T. companies
    Sep/1995 Feb/1996 BPR-FLOW Rapid business process transformation using workflow management techniques
    Oct/1995 Mar/1996 MIMESIS Methods integration modelling environment for selection, installation and process management
    Oct/1995 Sep/1997 DRIVE SPI Risk-driven software process improvement
    Begin in 1994
    Jan/1994 Apr/1995 SPIMP Software Process Improvement in Philips Medical Systems
    Jan/1994 Sept/1995 ENG-SODEPRO Experimentation of a New Software Development Process, Oriented to Software Quality
    Jan/1994 Dec/1995 IDERS Integrated Development Environment for Embedded Real-Time Systems with Complete Process and Product Visibility
    Feb/1994 Apr/1995 BEST-PM Beyond the Standards : Process Modelling
    Feb/1994 Jul/1995 SPIE Software Process Improvement Experimentation
    Feb/1994 Jul/1995 METQUASEP Methods and tools for quality assurance of the software engineering process of a small software-producer
    Feb/1994 Jan/1996 SQUID Software Quality in the Development Process
    Mar/1994 Ago/1995 IPTPM Improving Problem Tracking through Process Modelling and Enactment Techniques
    May/1994 May/1995 MOMENTUM Integration of New Methods and High Productivity Tools to Improve the Software Development Process for Business Applications
    May/1994 Ago/1995 EUROSPI European Observatory on Software Process Improvements
    Jun/1994 Dec/1995 INTRA In-Process Tracking and Reviewing Approach
    Jul/1994 Jan/1996 OOQAM Adaptation of the Software Development Process for Commercial Business Packages, using Object Oriented & Quality Assurance Methodologies
    Nov/1994 Jul/1996 ESPITI European Software Process Improvement Training Initiative
    Begin in 1993
    Jul/1993 Nov/1994 REBOOT Reuse Based on Object Oriented Techniques
    Oct/1993 Sep/1996 PERFECT Measurement-Based Improvement of Software Processes
    Begin in 1992
    Sept/1992 Aug/1995 PROMOTER Process Modelling Techniques
    Begin in 1990
    Oct/1990 Mar/1994 KADS II Principled Approach to Knowledge-Based System Development
    Begin in 1985
    Sep/1985 Sept/1990 KADS I Principled Approach to Knowledge-Based System Development

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    PROFES, 1999

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