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    SEI - Software Engineering Institute



    Software Engineering Institute 
    Carnegie Mellon University 
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890


    Armitage, J.
    Christie, A.
    Feiler, P.
    Gates, L.
    Goncharoff, K.
    Humphrey, W.S.
    Kellner, M.
    Kitson, D.
    Riddle, W.
    Hayes, W.


    PSP - Personal Software Process
    TSP - Team Software Process


    Internal publications ordered by Id.:

    Id. Ref. in GDPA
    CMU/SEI-96-HB-001 /McFeeley, 1996/ IDEALSM: A User's guide for Software Process Improvement
    CMU/SEI-97-HB-004 /Gates, 1997/ An Example Process Guide: Process Guide for a Descriptive Modeling Process
    CMU/SEI-97-TR-001 /Hayes, W., 1997/ The Personal Software ProcessSM (PSPSM): An Empirical Study of the Impact of PSP on Individual Engineers
    CMU/SEI-97-TR-008 /Christie, 1997/ Software Process Automation: Interviews, Survey and Workshop Results
    CMU/SEI-93-TR-024 /Paulk, 1993/ Capability Maturity ModelSM for Software, Version 1.1

    Year Ref. in GDPA
    1999 /Humphrey, 1999/ Introduction to the Team Software Process
    1999 /Prowell, 1999/ Cleanroom Software Engineering: Technology and Process
    1997a /Humphrey, 1997a/ Introduction to the Personal Software ProcessSM
    1997b /Humphrey, 1997b/ Managing Technical People: Innovation, Teamwork, and the Software Process
    1995 /CMM, 1995/ The Capability Maturity Model: Guidelines for Improving the Software Process
    1995 /Humphrey, 1995/ A Discipline for Software Engineering
    1989 /Humphrey, 1989/Managing the Software Process

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